Princess Fit Tips, In My Sister's Company & Ways to Say Goodbye (seeking agent)

The Bakery Book: Allergen-Free Eats & Treats.

Maiah's first novel was a Young Adult novel titled In My Sister's Company, which chronicled twin sisters at the prestigious United States Naval Academy, self-published under Maiah Albi and available for purchase at


Her second novel is still seeking representation. Ways to Say Goodbye is a women's fiction novel about a US Navy SEAL's mission gone awry and a young widow journeying to overcome her loss.  She is currently working on another novel, usually between 5 am and 6 am; the writing schedule of a twin toddler mom!


Maiah Miller has also written a mostly vegan dessert book titled The Bakery Book: Allergen-Free Eats and Treats.

Vintage Typewriter, Running Girl
vintage typewriter
The Bakery Book by Maiah Miller