Let's Collab!​ Interested in working with me? Want to see your products listed in my recommendations?

Recipe Development:

$200+ I'm an award-winning baker with certification in Sports Nutrition. Recipe development and creation, especially vegan/plant-based creations are where my passion and skillset lay. I am open to working with companies/brands to develop recipes incorporating desired ingredients or products.

Sponsored Blog Posts:

$200. This blog is open to sponsored posts which would be relevant to content posted on Plant-Based Treats by Maiah (including but not limited to vegan & food items, supplements, fitness products, health items, lifestyle and parenting).

Brand Endorsements:

I am active across the largest social media platforms and my following is constantly increasing. If you have a product or brand you’d like to reach out to a health/fitness/food-minded audience, my blog and my platforms of over 24K reach will endorse it for you.

Guest Posts:

$100. I will accept guest posts that include relevant topics for my readers including gluten-free, vegan and healthy recipes, fitness or health-related products as well as kitchen and cooking tools and aids.


Advertising space is available at monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly rates. Please see a sample of rates below. If you would like an alternate sized ad space/need more information please email.

Sidebar options:

Small Square (60×60) – $15 monthly/$38 quarterly/ $70 bi-annually/ $150 yearly

Small Rectangle (180×150) – $30 monthly/ $80 quarterly/ $145 bi-annually/ $280 yearly

Medium Rectangle (300×250) – $50 monthly/ $135 quarterly/ $260 bi-annually/ $500 yearly

Social Media Promos/Other Collabs:

$75+ From professional-quality IG posts. giveaways, online hosted events to more, email for rate details and more info plantbasedtreatsbymaiah <at> gmail <dot> com


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