Workout Without Leaving Your Office

Are you stuck in the office today? Don't fret; you can beat that seat spread with these 5 office-friendly moves. Keep your blood pumping and metabolism up throughout the day to look and feel your best.

1. Sit n' Stretch (with coordination): Sit up tall with the best posture you can achieve and lift your right arm straight, all the way up towards the ceiling. Straighten your left leg out and lift it up as you simultaneously lower your right arm and try to touch your left foot. Repeat 10 on each side.

2. Calf Raises. Simple! Stand up tall and with straight legs, lift and lower on tiptoes. Repeat 25 times, then for a bonus do single leg rises up and down; aim for 8-10 of those on each leg.

3. Squats. Stand up in front of your chair, and sit down and back; get your booty as low to that chair as possible! Keep your knees in line over your ankles. Repeat 15 times.

4. Wall sit. Sit against the wall while you check your phone or answer a call. Try to get your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold for 30-60 seconds; repeat several times after standing and shaking it out!

5. Serve a Platter. Look around you; grab whatever weighs a few pounds you can hold. Pull your belly in towards your spine with your back straight, and with straight arms (not locked out), lift the item with both arms out in front of you to chin-height (keep chin parallel to floor), and resist back down.

Do this 10 times, for 3 o