Crepes & SAHM Money Hacks

Gahh the SAHM acronym. Hate it or embrace it, it's what most people call moms who stay at home (although we don't really stay at home, do we?)

We go to the grocery store, doctors appointments, errands, hardware store, dry cleaners, park, play dates, gymnastics classes, park again, walks, cook meals; all with a kid or two. (And though it seems like a walk in said park, we all know it's not). Ever try to get two 2 year olds to hold your hand and walk with you to the car when they suddenly lay on the side walk throwing identical tantrums, refusing to walk and making their bodies limp ensuring you physically cannot carry both? Ha. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog. In addition to my vegan crepe creations, I have some hacks for you to make a little extra money and it's not as a MLM seller of products to your friends (no more "party" invites, puh-lease!) Oh, and you don't have to be a SAHM. Bloggers, college students, part-time workers; anyone looking to make a little extra cash, or cash back on what you're already buying! Signing up through these links may give you and me a bonus, so please click the links to enroll! Nothing shady, I swear.

Scroll on down to my vegan crepe recipe if you're thinking, mmm, no thanks, or I already make enough money, thankyouverymuch.

1. Through Heartbeat. It's a new platform that pays you to promote stuff on social media. You can control what company sends you what products for free, and most of them pay you through PayPal too to do something as simple as mentioning them on Instagram. It's legit, gets you a range of easy cash, and lets you have free products you're actually interested in. You can sign up with Amazon, Instagram, email or all three.

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2. Ebates. Well, this one you kinda have to spend mo