Twin Mamas: Your World is About To Get So Much Better

I'm a twin. My little brothers are also twins. This really confuses people until I explain that my mother had two sets of twins. This is always met with the same astounded responses and a barrage of extremely personal questions. I was perplexed as a child why strangers would ask if my sister and I shared a sac (no), if we could read each other's minds (not really) and if we were born vaginally. (The latter was the worst question to be asked and I would turn crimson and mumble I don't know, though I did in fact, know).

Twin parents, does this Bingo seem familiar? How many can you check off? If your twins are at least 6 months old, I'm willing to bet ALL of these:

twin mom bingo

Now that I have twins myself, I'm unsurprised at the questions and to be honest, lack of originality. 31 years ago my mom was asked if she had done IVF, if she had twins in her family, and if their twins had a secret twin language. Today, I'm asked the exact same. Lucky for me though, there are more twin-specific products and services than there were in my mom's day (sorry, Mom).

Twin moms are constantly told "you look like you have your hands full!" numerous times a day, and though true it's perhaps the most annoying and obvious comment of all the repetitive gems. Why yes, I do have my hands full. Luckily, I came across some twin mom hacks that changed my life, such as a quality double jogging stroller, grocery stores with pregnant/new mom parking and the Weego TWIN Baby Carrier, which I literally cried tears of joy over when putting on for the first time. For seven blessed months until they were too heavy for me to carry simultaneously, I had my hands free.I walked my little babies everywhere with them safely strapped to my chest. They instantly calmed when I had them in the carrier, and it was the only trick I could use to get them to nap at the exact same time which is, let's be honest, every twin mom's goal.

maiah and twins

I had a whole new but more welcome experience: that of a twin mom celebrity.

People constantly asked about the magical carrier that securely holds two newborn twins to my chest. I had my photo taken several times, was complimented constantly and asked for details on the carrier. It's the Weego TWIN from and yes, it is a lifesaver for any new twin parent. It's my goal to let every new twin mom know about this magical combination of soft durable fabric, secure buckles and zips.

I had a c-section at 35 weeks after my water broke at the aquarium of all places (I know you were curious) and once I healed from the surgery, this was the only way I could comfortably carry both babies at once. It helped me quickly walk off that baby weight and more importantly, to get outside and enjoy fresh air and interact with people that were not adorable but needy tiny babies.

weego TWIN Baby Carrier

If you know a mom or dad of newborn twins, then you've surely heard how exhausting and demanding it is, especially in those first few months. This twin baby carrier is exactly what every, and I mean every new twin mama needs.

With the Weego TWIN, you can finally have two free hands, which can be pretty dang magical.

weego twin baby carrier is the best baby carrier!

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