Raw Turmeric Donuts & Surgery

More donuts? Absolutely! Now these ones are extra sneaky because they are raw and contain the superfood turmeric. While the melted vegan chocolate makes these extra yummy, try them without: they are still amazing, and 100% raw vegan without it!

I wanted something delicious but still nourishing and anti-inflammatory and these fit the bill ⭐️

easy no-bake healthy donuts

I can't workout much (my broken foot is in a boot) so I'm on a quick-and-easy recipe kick. (Want the easiest healthy asparagus mint soup recipe? Check out my recipe here). But also as a result of surgery, I'm looking for the most anti-inflammatory, soothing foods. Turmeric and chocolate both make that list!

bunion surgery x-ray

This is my left foot. Yikes! Bring on that turmeric!

Raw Turmeric “Donuts” Yield 7 Ingredients:

1-1/2 cup raw cashews 6 Medjool dates 3 or 4 dried apricots (I love the probiotic ones) 1-1/2 TBSP vegan protein powder 1/4 cup unsweetened flaked coconut 1-1/2 tsp pure maple syrup 1-1/4 tsp turmeric Water if needed Directions:

1. Food-process all ingredients, adding water if needed for mixture to come together in a sticky ball. 2. Press into silicone donut pans (this is necessary for easy removal; you'll never get them out of metal ones!!), freeze about 20 min and top with vegan choc chips melted with a bit of coconut oil (they are also great and totally raw w/o the chocolate). Sprinkle extra turmeric on!

Apologies for that startling shot, here's some yummier ones:

raw vegan turmeric donuts

healthy plant-based vegan donuts

Here's to hoping for a quick heal! Enjoy those runs and fitness classes for me ;)

Plant-Based Maiah on Crutches

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