Mint Chip Smoothie & Sustainability

For me, part of being vegan is caring for our planet in all ways; sustainability helps our earth and thereby our animals. Choosing sustainable products is a no-brainer, and below I'm including a list of my easy, attractive and environmentally friendly products for the kitchen. Sustainable kitchen tools like these mentioned below reduce waste, reduce our carbon footprint and do not deplete our natural resources.

organic vegan smoothies

One of our planet's big problem is plastic straws, and I'm ashamed to say I've had a part in that; with ever purchased iced tea or iced latte I've used and thrown away a plastic straw. 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States, and many end up in the ocean and harming wildlife. (Find out more at No Straw Please). I can't stand glass or metal straws so I was settling for paper straws until I came across something even better and more durable. I'm ecstatic to have found these Bambu Bamboo Straws that even come with a cleaning brush.

They come in a pack of 6, so I can stash a couple in my gym bag. in my purse, in the kitchen and even in the stroller. Hey Starbucks, hold that straw!

Besides bamboo straws, consider:

1. Bamboo Chopsticks: disposable chopsticks are made by bleaching them with toxic materials. These are friendly for the earth, and you!

2. Bee's Wrap "Saran Wrap"/Food Storage: Instead of plastic bags and plastic wrap, use bees wrap to save money AND the environment.

3. Bamboo Veggie Brush: No more tossing plastic scrub brushes into landfills!

bamboo scrub brush

4. Compostable Garbage Bags: Again, keep all that plastic out of landfills, and the ocean!

compostable trash bag

5. Bamboo Towels: Instead of paper towels, use bamboo towels that are way more absorbent, stronger and last twice as long as paper towels.

Now that you're all set with those bamboo straws (and other eco-friendly necessities), whip up this creamy vegan treat:

Mint Chip Smoothie

Yields 1


1/2 cup avocado mint chip ice cream

(or 1/4 a frozen avocado, extra 1/2 frozen banana with 1/8 tsp mint extract)

1/2 frozen banana

3 ice cubes

Handful (about 1/2 cup) spinach

2 to 3 teaspoons moringa powder

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup cold brew or water

optional cacao nibs or nondairy chocolate chips


1. Puree all ingredients, pour and serve!

vegan mint smoothie

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