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5 Superfoods for Superhealth

October 6, 2018

Just like superhealth isn't a word, superfood isn't really a word either. But that doesn't stop me (and now you) from adding and enjoying these uniquely nutritious and colorful vegan foods to your daily diet for energy and health benefits!


Wanna cut time off your mile/half/full marathon? I'm not guaranteeing adding these supplements and powders will drastically affect your fitness levels, but they will increase nutrients and positively impact your health, so you never know! I'll take extra energy for my workouts any day.



1. Superfood: Butterfly Pea Powder

Recipe: Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Butterfly Pea, or Blue Matcha is a colorful nutritious addition to any dish. Check out my detailed breakdown of Blue Matcha and why incorporate it into your diet HERE.



2. Superfood: Spirulina

Recipe: Spirulina "Twix" Bars

There is SO much protein in spirulina, it's crazy. If it weren't say, so potent, I'd add it to everything. A little goes a long way, and this powder rich in nutrients is hard to beat!



3. Superfood: Dragonfruit

Recipe: Strawberry Protein Cake with Dragonfruit Sprinkles or Vegan Pitaya Bowl. Freeze-dried dragonfruit is super flavorful and easy to swirl into smoothies, baked goods and more! 



4. Superfood: Lucuma

Recipe: Lucuma Latte.

I love lattes as much as the next girl, but Lucuma makes them even better. It adds tons of nutrients and has a natural nutty sweetness, allowing you to reduce your sweetener or nondairy milk of choice. For this recipe, steam in 1 TBSP lucuma with your almond milk or plant-based milk of choice, and add mixture to your espresso or coffee.




5. Superfood: Yumberry 

Recipe: Cauliflower Yumberry Bowl

Yumberry is chock-full of vitamin C, antioxidants, beta-carotene and more. Try it in smoothies, baked goods and "nice" creams!



There's a lot more nutritious superfood powders I love to add to my treats including maca, camu camu, and acai. Let me know if you want recipes incorporating these ones as well; I'm happy to share! They each have unique and wonderful flavors and nutrients to add, and can enhance a variety of dishes (and vegan treats!)


Have a super(food) day, friends! xx



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