5 Plant-Based Treats for Spring Weddings

These 5 recipes are absolutely perfect for spring, a spring wedding gift, or wedding dessert tray option. Brew a pot of cherry blossom tea and explore these healthy spring treats. Each recipe is trickily healthy for you; so basically these are all the ideal recipes to offset those winter comfort foods you just couldn't resist and to celebrate all things spring like weddings, sundresses, and outdoor sports!

plant-based maiah

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With these delectable options, you can embrace new flavor combinations like rose with chocolate, and matcha with coconut. Better yet, indulging in one of these treats does not set you back from your New Year's fitness resolution (have you stuck with that? Good for you!). Get your short shorts ready and hit the gym or find movement outdoors: find a spring fun run or marathon to train for, get dirty in the garden and stay fit and nourished with these tasty recipes. Wedding season is coming soon too, so if you or someone you know is getting married, consider these treats for a pre-wedding event of gift to the bride.

My go-to wedding gift is always kitchen item(s) off the registry plus a homemade treat with recipe card. Every bride I've gifted this too has thanked me profusely for their amazing post-wedding treat. Like with my wedding, the day goes by in a blur and the bride and groom rarely get to enjoy the food. They will love you for this edible gift, trust me.

spring wedding bliss

1. Plant-Based Maiah's Raw Cacao Cinnamon Cake with Rose Petals: Paleo, Vegan and Gluten-Free 5-minute cookies for the win! Roll these in dried edible rose petals for a lovely touch. You can serve the plain or atop a rose-petal adorned plant-based cake.

cacao cinnamon swirl cake

2. Matcha Donuts with a Floral Touch: Vegan, Nut-Free Gluten-Free fluffy donuts with antioxidant rich matcha is a fan fave. My protein plant-based donuts are fluffy, light and filling, so basically what every baked good should be. The vegan protein "frosting" with my fave plant-based protein powder is amazing and better yet, easy and fast with 2 ingredients.

Protein Matcha Donuts

3. Lauren Caris Cooks' Vegan Vanilla Berry Naked Cake: The naked cake trend is still going strong and you can see why. While this recipe isn't quite as healthy as most of my plant-based ones, you can easily use fine almond flour or gluten-free flour in place of regular flour and you can dramatically reduce the sugar in this one and opt for less coconut sugar instead.

mini pumpkin tarts

4. Veggies Don't Bite's Strawberry Shortcakes: Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Shortcake will win everyone over from kids on up. These are also ready in 30 minutes, which is always a plus. It's an easy recipe that's sure to be an instant favorite. She also offers tons of options to vary the flavor, so if creativity is your jam, try every delicious option of fruit or flavor addition!

plant-based strawberry shortcake

5. Fig Tarts with Lavender and Chamomile: These flourless tartlets with the flavors of spring by One Green Planet are great! I definitely recommend getting the optional freeze dried strawberries to top the cashew cream; in fact, let's not make that optional at all.

fig tartlets for spring

Happy Spring and Happy Baking!


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