Chocolate Spirulina Cookie Cups

I found a recipe for chocolate-covered peanut butter cookie cups on Instagram, and quickly thought "I have to make that!" But I wanted it nut-free, and with coconut milk, and thought I would add hemp and spirulina, and next thing I knew, I had created a wonderfully rich and delicious superfood recipe disguised as a chocolate treat. So basically, it's the best thing ever.

no bake chocolate spirulina dessert

After a long, long day with babies, this is a wonderful snack/treat/dessert, I promise. Plus, extra cookie dough made a great morning snack with tea. So basically, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

And because this is Running Girl Health and Fitness, here's a fitness move you can do while your chocolate cups are freezing (and practically anyone can do this: prenatal, postnatal, regular person, etc) :)


Put a washcloth or small cloth on the floor. Stand hip-width distance, put one foot on the towel, shift your weight mostly on the foot not standing on the towel, and pull your core in and stand tall while you drag the foot standing on the towel in to the midline/other foot. Repeat 5-20 times on both sides. Like this:

postnatal core exercise

Your core and thighs will thank you. Now for the yumminess:

Cookie Dough

1/2 cup sunflower seed butter or this crazy-good 5 Seed Butter

1 serving hemp protein powder

1/4 cup coconut milk

2 tablespoons coconut flour

1/2 tsp organic spirulina

2 tablespoons nondairy rice chocolate, broken into chunks

Chocolate Coating

1/3 cup rice chocolate pieces

1. Puree all ingredients, pulsing in chips last.

2. Melt nondairy chocolate (about 2 minute on 50% power in my microwave, stopping to stir halfway or over a double boiler.)

3. Pour a thin layer into mini muffin liners in a mini muffin tin, getting the sides as much as possible. Freeze for a few minutes, then press amount of cookie dough on top of frozen chocolate, add additional melted chocolate and freeze to set the top layer. Keep chilled until ready to eat!

You can also reserve some of the cookie dough for fantastic cookie dough bites!

best ever nut butter chocolate dessert

vegan dessert

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