Paleo Spinach Brownies

A whole cup of spinach in a brownie? Yes, and it's delicious! Get your iron in, and get your brownie fix too with this rich paleo treats.

paleo vegan spinach brownies

To my surprise and delight, my toddlers love these brownies, and they are not brownie fans nor spinach fans, but somehow this medley creates a great unique tasty treat. My husband liked these too, but be warned, he says you can taste the spinach. I LOVE them, and they keep well in the fridge for up to a week. I think they are better the second days as the taste is richer and creamier. If you have a chocolate craving, give these a shot. I bet you'll love them too, plus you're packing in lots of nutrients as you eat dessert. (Or breakfast. Pair this with coffee or tea after a long cold morning run and the deliciousness will astound you!)

vegan paleo healthy brownies

Paleo Spinach Brownies

Yields 9-12


1 cup pureed spinach (it takes about 3-4 cups fresh to yield one cup of puree)

3 oz