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I can't believe I'm writing this mostly because I don't feel even close to 30, and I'd like to think I look much younger than my 32 years. (Honestly, I think being short helps a lot, ha!) But I do get a thrill when I'm told I look young, and since I've devoted SO much time, money and worry about finding the right products to keep my skin feeling and looking young, I've decided to finally collect all my fave products with ingredients I love, in one place.

Super Important Note: I don't sell any of these. You can shop through the Amazon link which will help my blog a little, but no pressure and no MLM nonsense here! I've used all of these and can stand by each one. Promise.

So check out these links if you have any of the following like meeee:

*Adult Acne (One of nature's cruelest tricks. Wrinkles + acne is CRUEL but it happens).

*Fine Lines (Who doesn't have these? Also, don't botox them away because they add character but you can minimize them a little, and who doesn't want that).

*Dull or Uneven Skin (Thanks to stress, kids, little sleep, etc, this can happen!)

I'm trying not to fall into the Insta trap of seeking PERFECT airbrushed skin but I do like a good glow, soft skin, and no deep furrows. I've tried everything from a stinging spray to a terrifying expensive tightening face mask that rhymes with "Anafure" and a homemade oatmeal sludge mask. Nope, nope and nope.

Current Fave overall care:

1. Glowbiotics. This brand isn't cheap but their products contain tons of pre and probiotics which I LOVE and am obsessed with and as the name suggests, they DO help you glow and minimize those fine lines, age marks and uneven skin tone spots. You can use MAIAH20 at checkout for 20% off which helps!

*Note*: if you want a list of some great probiotic products, check out this Buzzfeed article!

BEFORE vs AFTER aka "proof"

Granted, it's different outfits, pose, hair, etc but you can tell the skin difference for sure! Both were taken in natural lighting with a cell phone.

2. Pink Australian Clay mask: You can see your pores clearing out while it's on which I love! It is amazing and won't break the bank. There are a few brands out there but this one works great at the best price and the only ingredient is clay:

australian clay mask for perfect skin

3. Tamanu Oil. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a million dollars creating a skincare line featuring this magical oil. It cured my psoriasis when NOTHING would: not clay, not zinc, not steroid cream, tar, not a super restrictive diet, not any of the psoriasis creams, serums and zillions of other products I tried. It also helps skin stay moisturized and glowy!

best eczema and psoriasis relief no steroids

4. Coconut Oil. I use this for makeup remover especially around eyes. DO NOT tug or wipe at your eyes, ever: that adds wrinkles and stress on that super fragile skin. (I wish I had known that years ago). Rather, dab oil on delicately with your pinky fingers (weakest fingers). It really helps the skin around your eyes stay hydrated and healthy!

coconut beauty

Lastly, drink WAY more water, get more sleep, eat WAY less processed food and your skin will look and feel even better. And that's a promise!

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