Women's Sexual Health...Yas!

Hey ladies. (Let's be real, most of my readers are female). Let's talk sexual health: yet another topic that people tend to avoid discussing publicly. From feeling uncomfortable about down there, to not wanting to engage in sexual activities and personal stress about your sex health, women's sexual health is such an important part of every woman's life. It is easily undermined by stress, emotional issues, diet, and bad habits, but luckily it is possible to reverse or stop hindering your sexual health.

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As you may expect, a positive sex health comes a more vibrant, overall healthy and full life. Check out these 10 ways to naturally boost your sexual health. Your body (and equally important, mind) will love these ten suggestions.

1. Exercise. With exercise comes endorphins, and those little endorphins are magical. But also exercise means a healthy heart. Physical activity is twofold: it can reduce risk factors for heart disease and conditions, and also improve sexual function and health. (1)

2. Foods you Eat. Fruits & veg are key, because heart health is strongly linked to sex health. Also coffee can help, as it is a stimulant. When your brain is stimulated, it heightens arousal. Woot woot!

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3. Herbal Supplements like Sex Dust. (Whaaa?) This supplement mix is, according to the brand, an "adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs + shatavari that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom." It aims to combat stress which is a huge hinderance to sexual health. Their ingredients of natural herbs provide natural energy and may reduce stress, creating a great environment for thriving sexual health.

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4. Gels & Lubricants for your Hoo Ha. Another tangible option, lubricants like Woo More Play, are pH balanced, soothing, and designed for female sensuality. Some like this one, double as massage oil. Massages (both sexual and non-sexual) are another great option for stress reductions, bonding and forming connections.

5. Doctor or woman's health specialist appointment. If something feels not right, or not optimal, seeing a therapist, specialist or doctor can be the help you need. Look for reviews or ask your primary care doctor for a referral. I highly recommend online therapists or doctors too for the convenience, one-on-one direct conversation and scheduled, strict time slot. Waaay less stressful than waiting around in an office and travel time to and from!

6. Confidence & Communication. My personal top pick for body positivity, sex drive and sexual health! Seek ways to find your most confident self. Really TALK to your partner if you have one, to be sure your needs are met and that emotionally you feel healthy and supported. If you struggle with confidence, start with a few books such as The Confidence Code and You Are a Badass, confidence-focused podcasts and conversations with friends who think you rock.

The Confidence Code for Confidence and Women's Sexual Health

7. Botanical Massage Oil. As with number four, massage oil is key. Stress relieving scents, massage, and touch are all components of a healthy way to support sex health. Banyan Botanicals' organic massage oil blend proclaims to support vitality and vigor, and promote calmness and strength.

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8. Get rid of detrimental habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol, lack of sleep, and so on, are all detrimental to your health, sexual included. This should be a no-brainer, but it's good to take a look at your recent habits and see if they may be impacting your current health state.

9. Less stress. Yoga, Meditation and Massage are my fave ways to destress. (Okay as well as bubble baths, a good book, face masks and a glass of wine). There! I just gave you some great options. Find what works for you and cut that stress out!

10. Spice it up! This is the most fun. Wear what makes you feel confident and sexy (for yourself, first of all). This will boost your sex drive and health, as confidence and feeling good play a huge role. Change positions, add games, even toys can make you feel strong, sexy, health and comfortable in your own skin.

There you are. 10 great ways to boost your sexual health, and therefore overall health. You go, girl!

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(1) https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322338.php

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