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Epic Salads of IG

To tell the truth, my salads are delicious but not usually works of art. These 'grammers take the salad game to a whole new level. Jury is still out on the taste, but I'm guessing these nutritious plant-based meals are pretty delicious.

Are you looking to take your salad from blah to show-stopping? Try these vibrant and nutritious add-ins. You're much more likely to eat your greens if they are tossed with a flavorful rainbow of foods and garnished beautifully.

* kumquats: they are such a vibrant hue and add an excellent tartness

* beets: raw, steamed, "noodles": any way you serve them it adds sweetness and a pop of pink

* berries: another colorful choice to add a sweetness

* sprouts: fun, cute and nutritious

*watermelon radish: much prettier than a regular radish (but can be hard to find!)

1. This one is STUNNING. Spoiler alert: @the_sunkissed_kitchen has the prettiest salads of them all. Edible flowers, sprouts and watermelon radish make this salad.

2. Another excellent combo. Quinoa and garbanzo beans add in plant-based protein to this easy to-go salad:

3. Yum, yes please. I LOVE pickled veggies and pumpkin seeds in my salads!

4. I want two. Those little cucumbers, tho! The watermelon radish really make it pop, too.

5. Have you ever tried artichoke hearts and olives in your salads? The flavor! Here's a simple but delicious combo:

6....Annnd mine. I told you not pretty, but still delicious. Butternut squash noodles and roasted brussel sprouts make any salad better!

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