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I remember telling someone I loved listening to NPR on the radio when I ran, years ago before podcasts were a thing. They looked at me like I was crazy, but now days, I have heard several marathoners naming the podcasts they listen to to get them through 26+ miles. If you need a distraction beyond the sounds of traffic or nature on those long runs, I get it. Most days I prefer to listen to funny podcasts, an audiobook or music to keep my mind distracted as the miles roll by.

My fave podcasts to run to are My Favorite Murder and My Dad Wrote a Porno (this one may make you have to stop because you are laughing so hard. You can even buy the book HERE: It's magical). Both sound inappropriate (and maybe sometimes are) but are also absolutely interesting and hysterical, respectively.

I also have Audible (you can swap books/get refunds at anytime. I'm a picky listener/reader so I love that) which I highly recommend, and usually choose something light and fluffy that I can zone in and out of as a run and not get too lost in a tricky plot.

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Before you run though, you may find running-related motivating reads get you energized and amped up for that run. Have a long run tomorrow? Get your running clothes set out, and pull out Born to Run or my favorite, Once a Runner to get motivated and inspired to get out there and achieve those goals.

born to run book

These are also available on audio so you can listen about running while running, if that's your thing. It can be pretty inspiring and helps you push through those walls–give it a shot!

Reading about the actual mechanics and how-to's of running correctly can also be a huge boost to your run game: try The Running Revolution.

Now that you have the right tools and entertainment for your jaunt around the block or full marathon, check out my list of the latest and greatest new run items to get you really ready to log those miles.

1. Run Gum. Caffeinated gum? Yup! Studies show chewing gum while running "claim that forcing breath through the nose instead of the mouth adds to the workout load and makes the body work harder" and caffeine and exercise has been linked to have a very positive relationship: "Studies have shown that caffeine can benefit endurance performance, high-intensity exercise and power sports." 1

run gum with caffeine

2. New Series 3 Apple Watch. Still my fave run tool: this new version boasts LTE, a much faster speed and better display, a longer lasting battery and better water resistance for swimming, plus a bunch of more cool features making it a much better deal than its predecessors.

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3. Balega Silver Socks. Compression-fit, no-show performance running sock encapsulates antibacterial silver ions in the yarn to keep feet clean, dry, and odor-free. Win!

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4. Plantronics Backbeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. These are waterproof and sweat-proof (hurrah!) They're constructed with a flexible design so the earbuds remain stable in your ear throughout all exercise. Even swimming laps for those cross training days or while running in the pouring rain (if you live in Oregon, you get my drift).

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5. Camelbak Nano Vest. This new run vest features minimal gear for training and elite level racing. Designed for runners who prioritize weight and stability above all else

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With those 5 things in your arsenal, how can you not get a fantastic (and hopefully fast) run in?

Happy Running, friends!


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1 Caffeine and Exercise studies: Details HERE.

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