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Healthy Road Trip & Sanity Savers

It's summer, so that means tons of road trips for many of us. In my family's case, it means a drive across the country with our 3 year old twins. (Wish us luck!)

I have a quick and easy ebook for travel snacks, recipes, educational toys and sanity savers, so download it for easy access for a survival guide for you (and me!)

In addition to all this fantastic info in the pdf (click image above), I have some extra advice for a wonderful summer whether or not you're heading out on vacay.

-Sunscreen that works ASAP. Mineral sunscreen is safe and immediately effective. I'm obsessed with this one I received free but am in no way sponsored by. It's not at all greasy, organic and does not cause breakouts or sweat off.

-Sun Bum SPF 30 lip balm. It also is an effective UV ray blocker, but does not cause irritation on sensitive lips and does not taste or smell like sunblock (big win in a sunblock lip balm!)

-This glass-free wine pouch. (Or okay, smoothie pouch). Can you say sneaky sneaky white wine at the pool? I sure can.

-A Mermaid Pool Floaty. Or a Unicorn one. Both are winners. My twins just saw a similar one at someone's house and are absolutely delighted. It's cute, summery, fun and durable. Everything you want in a floaty ;) They are begging for one for their birthday...in December.

What are your summer favorites? I wanna know!

Have fun, be safe and enjoy!



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