Rawsome Vegan Cookies & Dance

There's a ballet studio here in Northern VA offering $10 drop in adult ballet classes for 2 weeks; and these adult ballet classes are good. From beginner to advanced, adults can pop into class with a live accompanist (whoa!) to feel like a legit company dancer. On the rare occasion I get a babysitter, you can bet I'll be there!

From a new energizing raw cookie dough bite recipe to a few dancing tips, I'm also here to give novices and advanced athletes alike tips on healthy desserts and exercise. (Lucky you, right??) First up: gather some anti-inflammatory healthy ingredients (see below) and start making some nutritious nosh.

rawsome vegan cookies

no-bake gluten-free vegan cookie dough bites

These portable raw bites can be made in minutes, though I recommend chilling for 20 min at least to firm up (and then they will last longer in that dance bag, though I do recommend a lunch bag/box!). I love this Skip Hop Unicorn Lunch Bag: it's perfect for toddlers! (And their mom)

Unicorn Lunch Bag

They make cute kids' lunch bags/boxes, which work well for you to "borrow" to take to the gym or studio for a post-workout healthy bite. Why eat this after a workout? Well for one, it's yummy. For two, you need to rebuild those glycogen stores and muscle proteins. These pack protein, nutrients, healthy fats and yumminess.

For energy for hours, pop a couple of these no-bake allergen-free cookie bites:

Rawsome Vegan Cookie Dough Bites


1/4 cup cassava flour

1/4 cup organic green banana flour

3 tbsp organic coconut flour

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

1/4 cup organic raw coconut butter (oil will not work, must be soft coconut butter)

1/4 cup watermelon seed butter or raw organic almond butter*

2 tbsp pure maple syrup

optional: nondairy chocolate chips (soy-free!)


1. Put all ingredients in a food processor or high-powered blender like this one (a normal smoothie blender won't work). I've had this food processor for 7+ years and it's still going strong! I recommend a 7 -cup one or bigger for bit batch items or making nut butter, etc.

2. Pulse until combined, roll into balls an chill.

3. Pack into a reusable cloth snack bag or a glass jar and take with you on your summer adventures. Just don't store in like, 100 degrees or you'll have a bag of cookie mush. (It would probably taste great actually, just make a huge mess. This sounds like something my toddlers would rather play with than eat)

*I make my own watermelon seed-tigernut butter that is suitable for AIP/Paleo, but any seed or nut butter of choice will do. This RAW, Organic Almond Butter is a phenomenal choice to eating healthy and for fantastic taste. Want a cheaper option? Make your own: buy raw organic almonds and grind until smooth and creamy. SO simple! The brand I linked to above are fantastic and will last a long time: Make almond milk and almond butter easily at home to save tons of $$$...and it's crazy-easy (not sure why it's this big secret, but it is!)

no baking required!
easy paleo cookies AIP cookie dough

Heading to ballet? (or insert studio workout of choice here). Now days, there are tools for you to feel less intimidated as an adult returning to ballet or as an adult starting ballet. It's never too late!

My tops tips? Watch and do a few short "easy ballet" video tutorials or guides online. There's so much fantastic content out there that I wish I had access to as a young dancer. I love Kathryn Morgan or Lazy Dancer Tips; both ladies are great teachers and offer a range of options for dancing.

Limber up. Strength and flexibility are key in ballet (or ANY fitness). I have some great flexibility posts I recommend you check out, but something as simply as using a theraband or Superior Stretch band (my fave) to stretch and strengthen can help tremendously.

Superior Stretch Ballet Therapy Band for Flexibility

Dress the part. Wear something you are comfortable in that fits you well. These days it's impossible to shop online without running across affordable, fashionable fitness clothes. Pick clothes you can move in that make you feel great! You're more likely to get jazzed about dance class (hehe) if you're dressed to succeed. Not sure what to wear? Again, look at those fitness videos and see what others your age/skill level are wearing, and you'll be good to go!

On me:

Green Tights: Senita Activewear

Sports Bra: Strappy Sports Bra similar to this one, or look at Victoria's Secret (I cannot find the one I got online..sorry, it was on clearance! This one is a fantastic very supportive option)

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