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10 Top Plant-Based Dessert Recipes for Fall

These 10 recipes are so good, so easy and SO perfect for fall. I'm including the link to 5 with Buzzfeed's article The 5 Best Healthy Autumn Desserts since Plant-Based Maiah has two (yes two!) recipes featured.

The next 5 are other bloggers' best healthy autumn treats. You can't go wrong with any of course, but if I had to pick only a couple to make, it'd be my Pumpkin Protein Pancakes and Choc-Covered Katie's Pumpkin Bars. Trust.

I'm starting with number 6 since numbers 1-5 are already covered right HERE!

6. Simple Roots Wellness's Pumpkin Coconut Pudding: This is a grain-free creamy pudding. If you swap out the butter for coconut oil, then it's also a dairy-free recipe. I definitely recommend making the optional coconut whipped cream to top it; in fact, let's not make that optional at all.

7. Detoxinista's Vegan Pumpkin Donuts: These is gluten-Free vegan naturally-sweetened donut deliciousness. As long as you have a good donut pan (I recommend silicone donut pans for easy removal and clean up) then this recipe is very easy, and very good.

8. The Big Man's World Cinnamon Shake: This is a paleo vegan milkshake version of a cinnamon roll. This is another breakfast or dessert option with tons of plant-based protein. My fave go-to protein is plant-based vanilla since it's the most versatile, though any one will do, even a cinnamon roll flavored protein powder! (Yes, it exists). This recipe is also sugar-free and low carb, making it a great choice for athletes or anyone looking to limit their sugar while increasing their protein.

9. The Kitchen Paper's Gingerbread Oat Fudge: This gluten-free dairy-free spiced fudge is unique and tasty. Gingerbread is another fall favorite, and this is a much healthier take on traditional fat and sugar-laden fudge. The salted gingerbread really brings out the natural sweetness of the molasses, and it's a great party option as it's fast, easy and delicious.

10. Plant-Based Maiah's Apple Ginger Scones: This is an old autumn fave of mine, and the maple glaze really makes it perfect. There's something about tart apples and cardamom, and when it's combined into a toasty scrumptious scone, it's perfection.

Tell me what your favorite autumn flavors are; I need to create some new recipes! So far pumpkin and chocolate are my go-tos, but I'll take recommendations!

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