Palm Prints & Pitaya

This summer, I'm obsessed with two things: palm prints and pitaya. I'm pretty sure it's because they both basically yell "tropical vacay!" and since I'm not exactly hitting up the tropics this summer (and haven't actually been anywhere tropical since about 2012), this'll have to suffice.

First off, palm prints are just fun. Vibrant colorful prints cheer you up, and bring to mind fresh pineapple, smooth white beaches and warm waves. Speaking of fruit (great transition, eh) adding a hot pink smoothie bowl with nutrient-rich pitaya (or pink dragonfruit) is pretty much the perfect combination for the ideal summer day.

Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl Vegan Protein

Pink Pitaya Summer Smoothie

Serves 3-4


1 pitaya packet (frozen) or 1 cup diced frozen pink dragonfruit

2 frozen bananas

2 scoops vegan plant-based protein powder

1/3 to 1/2 cup coconut milk


1. Puree all ingredients* in a food processor or high-powered blender and serve!

*Add a little more or less coconut milk depending how thick you want your smoothie/smoothie bowl/"soft serve ice cream" to be.

**Also, mom tip: if you have toddlers, serve up this smoothie and call it "pink ice cream" and it'll be a huge winner. Just have those wet wipes ready!

Now back to the palms...choose your fave print option in a bikini or monokini, select a summer read (or three) and enjoy!

A fun and unique palm-printed suit is my current fave and with shorts thrown on, a great casual outfit for the day, as long as you don't let those toddler fingers get close to you until you've wiped them off. Yes, I admit, white is a dangerous color with kids around, but so far so good!

This one may be a better choice, and I'm still thinking of how I can justify purchasing a second swimsuit of the summer. The good news is you can enter 'take15' at for 15% off your purchase + free shipping.

Palm Print Bikini On Sale!

Palm prints aren't just for the pool, though. Date night, days out, or post-pool time, casual summer dresses with the breezy prints are key.

This new one at Lulu's is a great pick and again for 15% off and free shipping worldwide on orders $150+, click HERE. I'm also loving what Glam Karen suggests here about palm prints; she's a recent blog discovery and a total style inspo. If you're on my blog you know I'm all about health and fitness...but I do love to feel and look pretty great, too. Everyday Countess has some legit good taste in palm prints, too. (Those shoes!!)

palm print dress

There's always the more practical shorts or romper, too. I've learned if I'm going to be playing with my kids (so, constantly), I need shorts or a romper to avoid flashing the whole playground.

palm print romper

Now you have the winning combination for a perfect tropical summer day, sand and sun not required. You're welcome!

This color and texture, though. Still reading? Go get that frozen pitaya at a local health food store, or order some pitaya powder for the same pop of pink and punch of nutrients. YUM.

**Note: If you shop through the links in this post, I'll get a tiny kickback and you get a great deal. So thanks!! It's how I can buy more swimsuits & share my recipes with you**

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