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Natural Nootropics & School

I've literally never considered nootropics before going to college for the second time, this time with a family life to balance! When I first enrolled back in college (okay, two colleges, I'm currently taking classes at two community colleges since I don't do anything half-***ed), I imagined chugging coffee late into the night to get my papers and online exams done (btw, online exams are the WORST! I guess I'm old and need that paper-and-pencil experience).

Have you ever tried to teach yourself physiology while your 4 year old twins are recreating Frozen? I wouldn't suggest it. I needed something to help me focus in my limited free time and late at night when I just want to curl up and sleep. Introducing: Nootropics. This refers to anything that may enhance your cognitive ability, and it can be supplements, compounds or pharmaceuticals. Caffeine is what I would assume is the most popular nootropic, as it has been shown to be a natural stimulate and studies have shown it to improve mental clarity. (1)

Anyway, sleep is very important to me these days (like for every mom I know especially during this fun time of kids home 24/7), and I found myself like googling nootropics to see what I can find. Sure, post-dinner vegan chocolate and coffee sounds good for an every now and then study session, it won't be good (or healthy) for the long run, especially when I get into a nursing program and need to really work hard (knock wood).

I immediately found lists and lists of TONS of vitamins, supplements and foods to try for focus and memory improvement and the like and was overwhelmed right off the bat. So I did want I always do, and turned to Amazon (every twin mom's BFF). I typed nootropics into the search bar and was off! So lucky for you, I did the heavy lifting. I scoured descriptions, ingredients, reviews and studies. Most of these supplement combos had anecdotal results and benefits but a select few had 3d party testing and one included numerous clinical trials as well, and I prefer to err on the side of science.

This Azoth one was the best I found, and worked way better than coffee, tea and treats. I liked the ingredients, the information I could find on it, the studies, the customer service--EVERYTHING. When I drink too many almond milk lattes, I get jittery and crash after an hour or so. With Azoth, my energy has been up, and I have stayed on task way better than sans supplements. This is my nootropic of choice and I'd love to hear what you suggest!

I also tried this Genius Brand one, because it has rave reviews, but the amount of stevia gives it a terrible aftertaste and it tastes sickly-sweet and gave me diarrhea sooo try at your own risk. Apparently people swear by it, but when I read the comments, a lot of people shared my opinion (and unfortunate side effects)

Also, if you have experience with getting an ADN or BSN as a parent who also works part-time, I am in desperate need of your tips and tricks!

<Note- I have partnered with Azoth to receive a fraction of your purchase price if you decide to purchase it through one of these links.>

1. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/features/nootropics-smart-drugs-overview#1

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