10 Twin Mama Hacks

Are your hands, I mean heart, full? These easy fast tricks from this twin mom are great for when you are overwhelmed and understaffed as pretty much all moms are. Some of these are twin-specific but many can be used for moms of one rambunctious baby or tot as well.

1. "Uh-Oh" Bin: Every car needs one of these clear lid-locked bins (especially a twin parent). Clear is key so that you can see what it's stocked with or missing at a glance. ALWAYS keep it stocked with diapers, bio-degradable wipes (also great for you if you need a fast shower alternative post-gym or post baby bodily fluid explosion), change of clothes, flashlight, water bottle, a trash bag, and toddler-safe Dramamine. I usually also have toddler sweatshirts and shelf-stable snacks in there too. This has saved me NUMEROUS times when unexpected throw-ups, blowouts, meltdowns or more happens, from infants to toddlers. We still have the occasional car-sick toddler spewing all over mid-drive, so this bin comes in handy!

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2. Weego TWIN: Weego makes single-baby carriers as well as these revolutionary twin baby carriers. It was the only thing absolutely necessary in the first three months of twin mom life. It can be used for up to 6 months and is PRICELESS. I remember balking initially at the price but when it arrived and I got to experience the high quality comfortable supportive carrier, I thought Ahh, no wonder. And I would have easily paid double for the instant soothing magic this twin carrier provides. Plus with my code you get $10 off! Just enter 12200 at checkout. You're welcome!

Weego TWIN Best Twin Baby Carrier Coupon Prome Code 12200

You can actually get out of the house, go on adventures and easily navigate grocery stores with the Weego TWIN, something EVERY twin mom needs. (If I didn't get fresh air/daily walks, I was a terror to be around; just ask my family).

3. Automatic Soap Dispenser: Whether it's the first couple of months or years, having an easy automatic dispenser is one of those things you'd never think of, but seems so convenient, fast and easy especially while holding a baby in one arm.

best automatic soap dispenser

4. Flip Belt: If you're a runner, you need this non-jostling belt for ALL the things. (Think Fanny Pack without the awkwardness). If you're a mom that's babywearing, you need this. Wear it with your baby carrier for easy access to your phone, keys, pacifier and any other smallish item. Use it on your runs too; it doesn't bounce and is super comfortable and under $29. It's a definite must-have for anyone who wants free hands (and no backpack) on their outdoor adventure!

running belt flip belt

5. Period Panties: Ugh, I know, sounds terrible but they really aren't. These are comfy bamboo panties that are lightweight and leakproof for those days, months, and for some, even years of menstruation and just leaking issues after giving birth. No need to fear sneezes any more, new mamas. Just wear these cute undies! (Also, they make a great new mom gift. Nobody talks about it, but we need that extra absorbance and protection for awhile).

best bamboo period underwear

6. Smoothie Time: There are numerous times when you have to resort to a meal from a straw, especially in those early days. This slimming protein-packed smoothie will fuel you for hours and tastes amazing, and will keep you on track to getting your mom bod in fighting form. Invest in a nice smoothie tumbler like this Healthy Human one that keeps your drink or smoothie cold for hours (it really does; it's my fave thing ever); perfect for when you get interrupted while trying to enjoy your drink (new moms: this will happen constantly).

best cold tumbler for drinks and smoothies

7. Origins Skincare: I recently discovered the magical Origins VitaZing line, which is a little alarm clock for your skin. Refresh, reduce puff and look awake and alert, even if you aren't. #Lifesaver. I've literally had people ask why I don't look tired if I'm a twin mom (skincare, vegan makeup and coffee is always the answer). With this energy-boosting lightly tinted moisturizer, you can skin the makeup.

best skincare mangosteen depuff awaken skin

8. Amazing Twin Mom T-Shirt: you will constantly be asked if your babies or toddlers are twins, if you're tired....and a million more questions. This shirt is funny and genius. (If I only had a dollar for every time I heard "They aren't twins are they? Are they identical? Are there twins in your family? Did you do IVF?" etc, etc).

funny twin mom dad shirt

9. The Play Mat/Toy Bag : This is absolutely the cleverest. It's a playmat plus toy bag, so toys are instantly swept up into this for storage. It's also machine washable. Do you know how many hours I've spent picking up toys and hand washing play mats? I don't and I definitely don't want to know. I wish I had learned of this when the twins were babies! Luckily, it's great for older toddlers too and much cuter than a Lego box.

10. Your Mom: No, this isn't an off-putting joke. Ask your mom (or mother-in-law or granny, etc) for help. Use ANY help offered. After birth, someone needs to stay with you to help around the clock for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. I'm absolutely serious; this will help your sanity, sleep and marriage. This should be number one in fact; it is the most important thing I can think of, and was the greatest help with my preemie twins.

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