World Mental Health Day

Let me start off by saying if you're reading this, you are loved by someone. You're unique, you matter and you are cared for. Mental Health is something we all have, and something that is essential to take care of. Don't spread yourself too thin, don't spend time with mean judgy people, and don't be hard on yourself. We all need someone to lean on whether it be a friend, partner, parent or medical professional.

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I've had period of my life where I felt like I was barely surviving, and especially in the first (very hormonal) 6 months of life as a preemie twin mom. I felt like taking medication was weak and I resisted it for so long. I was embarrassed to admit I saw a therapist, and later, never mentioned to friends that I was on antidepressants.

Let's change these stigmas. It's okay to not be okay. Take time for you. Treat your body with LOVE and with respect. Communicate with loved ones and let them know what is going on. This was HUGE for me; I didn't want to admit I was struggling in any way. Life is a giant rollercoaster, y'all. We all have crazy ups and downs and we respond to them differently. If you feel like you're not yourself and living your best life, please, please make a change. You deserve it.

Besides taking the medication my brain needs, these are my self-love tips for staying sane, calm and good about my mental health:

Journaling. Besides a plain notebook, my favorite guided journals are 52 Lists for Happiness, 52 Lists for Togetherness and 52 Lists for Calm. (They have a bunch more topics and they are all beautiful and helpful!).

guided happiness journal

Baths. Not a joke: soothing baths are magical. Oils, bath bombs, candles, a glass of wine, a good book: collect everything you can think of for the ultimate bath-time experience and make it a priority at least once a week. I'm still debating which bath caddy thing to get since bathtub reading is a FAVORITE of mine since I was a kid. (I started this self care routine early!)

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Exercise. This is a huge must-have to feel good in your body and to literally see and feel how strong you are. Right now I'm practically living in a barre studio, and it's my happy place. I love seeing what I'm capable of and getting those endorphins flowing. Know a friend who could use a boost? Invite them to take a fitness class with you! Sometimes just getting there is the biggest hurdle.

barre studio

Quartz. Rollers, stones, all of it! I love quartz and it has so many reported benefits. Even if it's not the magical rock social media claims it is, I can verify it does feel amazing and cool rolling across your skin. Get a beautiful rose quartz roller and reap the soothing, smoothing benefits.

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Treats for you. Not necessarily treat treats (though my brookie bars are ALWAYS a good choice), but anything small to boost your mood and confidence such as a new nail polish, shirt, smoothie or a stationary set (Yes I am 80 inside!). Stationary is a win-win because it makes you AND the recipient connected and happy!

Said brookie bars. Yeah, you're going to want this recipe!

Best Brownie Cookie Bars with turmeric

Reach out to someone if you need something. And reach out if you ever suspect a friend of going through a rough or dark time.

phone a friend mental health awareness

In short, love your brain and your amazing body.

Maiah out!

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