Kitchen Pride

The little girl in me is like "omigosh, rainbows everywhere!"

But the rainbow flag means more than just a medley of pretty colors, and I love that our society has come a long way in terms of pride rather than stigma for those in the LBTQIA+ community. Though we still have a long ways to go in terms of society as a whole (obvs), this is a great opportunity to show pride and feel the pride in your home as well. And if you just love rainbows, then that's okay too!

Here's a collection of my favorites to brighten any kitchen. Feel the love and joy this month when you bake or cook and be sure to share any yummy treats with those who need extra love and support! Oh and speaking of rainbows and magic, be sure to check out my Enchanted Forest Party post featuring the BEST VEGAN CUPCAKES in the world (really!) for inspiration.

Also, don't forget about my Plant-Based Rainbow Cake recipe that is infused with fruits and veg and has the most AMAZING texture!

When I think of my dream kitchen, I think CLEAN, vibrant and sunny. This rainbow utensil rest checks it all--silicone is my material of choice for kitchenware since it is the easiest to clean, lasts forever and doesn't burn. (Plus can come in fun colors and designs). While I love the look of wood, I personally go through wood utensils way too quickly, whether from breaking apart, burning or splintering. Silicone items like this one are vibrant and saves time cleaning up the stovetop or counter.

These rainbow kid's aprons are adorable and functional, plus the fun design ensures your little one(s) will be clamoring to bake or cook with you. And while that sounds like it will take forever and slow the prep down (it does), cooking with your children is hugely important; it teaches them nutrition, respect for their food and the utensils they are using, and makes them more likely to eat what they have helped you make. Plus it's extra bonding time and teaches them tons of skills so really, invite them to help.

Obviously you need some rainbow muffin liners too for sweet treats to share with a loved one, or to just make your own day more fun! Plus, with 400 of these at under $9, you'll be set for a long time!

beautiful cheap rainbow cupcake muffin liners

This colorful knife set is one of Amazon's best selling, and for good reason; these are made of high carbon stainless steel and said to last a long time and maintain sharpness which is great as I can never remember where our knife sharpener is, nor how to actually use the thing.

Aand rainbow mixing/serving bowls. This sweet set brightens up any space, especially those of you with kitchens full of gleaming white farmhouse sinks, smooth pale tile and marble countertops (sigh). Also, it's on sale for under $15 with on-day shipping!

Last but not least, one of my favorite sparkling rosè wines, House Wine, put out a glorious can of bubbly that I'm all about. I've seen it at both Target, Safeway and Whole Foods and it's limited, so get one (or four) while you can! (not sponsored, just obsessed)



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