How to Pack for an Active Holiday

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You may have grown weary of your desk job or your everyday stress, but if you’re a fitness freak, then your idea of a perfect holiday probably involves maintaining your routine instead of a lazy week on the beach! To that end, you should make a few notes on your packing list, in order to make sure not to forget some of your essentials at home, and to make your travels all the more comfortable.

Check the forecast

Such a simple step, and yet so often overlooked when you’re overwhelmed with excitement and ready to tackle the latest challenge on your bucket list. Before you even start choosing your backpack and taking out your suitcase ensemble, make sure that you know what weather conditions await at your destination of choice.

They will affect the amount and type of clothes and footwear you’ll bring, and ultimately the amount of space you need in your luggage. Some holidays, as active as they may be, can be managed into a single carryon bag, while others, no matter how brief they might be, require suitcases filled with spare socks and undies. One thing’s for sure, you can never go wrong if you dress and pack in layers – that’s the best way to stay warm and safe wherever you go!

Life-saving accessories

In addition to choosing the perfect gear to make sure you’ll spend your vacation snug and comfortable, there are those additions to your packing list that can serve as another layer of protection for your trip. One of the best examples are your sunglasses, which could be a staple of style for many, but they are a must-have for adventure-lovers on the go.

Other key items on your list should include your trusty water bottle, preferably insulated to keep your drink either cool or warm depending on what you need, as well as a pair of comfortable shoes to serve your fitness purpose. If you’re getting ready for a hike, opt for shoes such as Salomon boots designed to endure a rugged terrain and possible rain or snow.

Take care of your skin

Even if you plan to spend the entire trip covered in reflective and water-resistant garments, you should still make sure that your skin, particularly your face, gets the attention it needs to stay resilient and prevent any damage. And unfortunately, the shades and your cool hat aren’t enough for regular sun exposure!

Harsh sun as well as wind or cold can pose a threat to your complexion and using nourishing skincare essentials such as those in the NeoStrata collection, from your trusty sunscreen, all the way to daily moisturizers. (Australians: check out the NeoStrata line here!). They will provide you with the needed layer of protection against the sun’s harmful rays and give your skin a boost to handle the change of climate and the effort of all the challenging activities.

No-fuss wear

Think: durable, multifunctional items that can easily be updated for a slightly more formal look in case you’re up for a dinner in the evening. That means that you should always try to pack light, but choose pieces that are comfortable, easy to match, and low-maintenance.

Lightweight leggings such as these by Beyond Yoga are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, but they also make for an ideal pair to travel in. Add to that several travel-friendly t-shirts, sweaters or hoodies to keep you warm, and of course, your trusted underwear and tops to let your skin breathe, and you’ll be all good to go and start your adventure.

Stay nourished

Some fitness programs and adventure travel arrangements already include a selection of healthy foods at your disposal as soon as you arrive. For some, that might be more than enough to keep your belly happy and full for the duration of your trip, but others may need an extra boost in their diet.

Do your best to get a supply of your favorite protein bars such as FitJoy, and healthy snacks to refuel your energy on a regular basis. You can make your own chocolate-infused protein bars that will keep well for your trip, but make sure to pick a recipe that will be the best option for the weather and the destination of your choice.

Wherever you wish to go and no matter how active you plan to get during your holiday, it’s always wise to plan ahead to avoid any packing conundrums and make sure that you have everything you need for safe travels. Keep it simple and keep it safe, and you’ll be ready for a vacation filled with adventure, and hassle-free!

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