GIVEAWAY+ 7 Must-Haves for Yoga

I love a good giveaway, and this one doesn't disappoint. From now until August 6th, you can enter to win a personalized cork yoga mat. It's sustainable, vegan, odor-free, super comfy and pretty much the best part: you can have them print your name, a quote or anything!

personalized yoga mat

Since my name is Maiah, I'm obsessed with personalized things. Growing up, there was never "Maiah" pens, toothbrushes, key chains, etc., so I was constantly jealous of my twin Sarah. Well Sarah (and you all) now I get my own special personalized item, and it just happens to be a great yoga mat!

**Enter HERE to be entered to win one of two $100 yoga gift cards**

outdoor yoga in Portland

Whether or not you have a cork yoga mat, you can still practice great yoga. In a pinch, I've used a regular towel (see above), a hot yoga towel (these things are a hot yoga and a camping must-have) and well, nothing at all. But trust me when I say your wrists will appreciate a comfortable surface.

yoga giveaway

My other top must-haves for a great yoga session? Here you go:

1. A block.

Not just for beginners, yoga blocks help deepen stretches, provide balance and work as a learning tool. You can also really open your hips when used correctly and especially us runners need hip opener help.

best yoga block

2. A strap.

Not just for beginners, yoga blocks help deepen stretches, provide balance and work as a tool for really opening those hips. As a runner, this is a necessity: us runners tend to pretty much always have tight hips and well, muscles in general.

yoga strap

3. Breathable tights.

Don't get me wrong, I love my lululemon tights, but you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a really great pair. These ones are under $20 and fantastic: thing, breathable, comfy and not see-through in the booty. (A yoga class necessity, am I right??)

yoga tights

4. A good sports bra.

Along the same lines as the tights: you don't need to invest to have a great supportive bra. Yep, I've been the woman with breasts bursting out of her tank top, especially after having kids. I used to be able to do the just-a-tank-top method but alas, no longer. I know now that if I want to do an inversion (or even a down dog), a supportive comfy bra is an absolute must.

strappy supportive sports bra for running and yoga

5. Mat Cleaner.

Especially if you have a hot yoga practice, you must clean your mat. Otherwise it's basically teeming with germs and grossness. Avoid mildew, odor and germs by wiping down your mat with this organic lavender spray which includes a free hand towel. Woohoooo.

organic yoga mat cleaner with free towel

6. Mat Carrier.

I love this one that has a pocket for keys and your cell phone and credit cards and such. Who walks into a yoga class with only their mat? Not this girl. Plus, when your mat unrolls in your trunk or closet, it's pretty annoying.

mat carrier with zippered pocket

7. Yoga Towel.

As mentioned above, this is necessary. Especially if you're in hot yoga, and if you're prone to forgetting a towel for the shower (hiiii). Plus if you're traveling or camping, this is a great bath towel substitute since it takes up very little room, and is fast-drying. Actually a yoga towel should be number one, and this one is an amazing color combo and pretty much the best one ever.

best tie-dye yoga towel
best cork yoga mat

Now get sweating and figure out which yoga class is for you! If you're intimidated by Bikram, or vinyasa yoga or really trying out any style, check out this foolproof way to be confident in ANY fitness class!

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