Get Your Kids to Calm Down FAST

I know, I know. I have no free time. So why not tack on one more thing like a podcast? Kidding aside, I've actually found that recording soothing kids' bedtime stories is great for getting my girls to sleep fast, but it also helps me wind down and slow my roll after my usual days of homework, studying and the occasional anxiety-inducing timed online exam. (I swear every time it flashes "you have 5 minutes left" it takes a year off my life).

fairy lights magical story

I'll back up for a sec--yes, there are a couple okay kids podcasts or bedtime story playlists on Spotify but in general they are just too weird for my liking, or not calm enough, or, ugh, full of advertisements. Yes, absolutely, continue reading to your kid as much as you can. But sometimes children need a dark, quiet room and chance to let their bodies relax and their minds to soar.

paper lanterns floating in a night sky

My podcast right now consists only of soothing bedtime stories and the occasional make-believe game, because as a mom of four year old twins, I need to have those stories on the ready every night. I thought, why not record at the same time as I invent my stories? Since my kids and all their friends love my on-the-fly stories, I bet yours will too! Close family and friends may recognize some parts of my stories--The Ice Cream Shoppe is based on a real childhood event of mine, and the neighboring cat Toad pops up in the form of a white cat named Snowball in one of the episodes. I am not sponsored nor do I make a cent off this podcast--it's completely free and really just a creative outlet for me and a way to capture bedtime stories and cute contributions from Ivy and Blair!

(It's also on a bunch of other platforms like Anchor, etc, but Spotify is probably the best-known)

Let me know what you think--requests are very welcome! As I go, I may incorporate parenting talks, interviews with parents or early childhood experts aka Linda Albi--we'll see! I'm happy to invent a story featuring your little one--just send me their name and what they like and I'll see what my stream of consciousness comes up with. Anyway, give my stories a listen with your little one and watch the magic of storytelling take effect!



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