Fudgy Coconut Date Bars

Adding mileage as I near the end of my marathon training means I have been finding myself more tired and easily stressed. Without having the chance to do detailed blood work as I travel, I have resorted to adding fail-proof supplements like iron and Vitamin D3 and 5-HTP * for better energy and moods as I navigate days full of more training then usual plus my usual #momlife antics.

best every easy vegan paleo fudge bars

The day I stocked up on supplements, a package from Yourlixir arrived with travel sachets of superfoods which could not have been more perfectly timed! Maca has been said to boost energy and mood and to balance hormones (1), all of which I can use especially as I get closer to race day.

runner stretching

I recommend sprinkling it into recipes like my healthy nutrient-rich fudgy layer bars (recipe below) as it lends a natural sweetness without having sugar in it. Combined with the sweetness of almonds, it's a fantastic nutty-tasting addition along with lots of health benefits,