Edible Flowers

With spring comes the burst of delicate blooms in a stunning array of hues that brighten gardens, trellises and wedding bouquets. Not only are they a visually appealing symbol of spring, they also lend a delicate flavor and a beautiful display to desserts.

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You can eat flowers–yes, really–but only certain blooms are safe to consume. Follow these tips to ensure your spring treat is beautiful, tasty and healthy, and get with the flowers in food trend!

1. The easiest way to be sure you are safe in your selection of culinary flowers is to seek them out at specialty grocery stores or natural food stores. They are usually in the refrigerated section by the herbs. Rinse and pat them dry completely before using. These plant-based tea party cookies are an example of a healthy, springtime dessert that is safe (and delicious) for almost any diet. Make a glaze and press the flower into the glaze after the cookies are baked to maintain the flower's color and freshness like in these Plant-Based Tea Party Cookies.

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2. Shop online from a reputable source. Sites like Gourmet Sweet Botanicals and Marx Foods produce and ship delicate edible flowers that have not been treated with pesticide. Sprinkle the clean petals onto a glazed donut or press it into frosting. Alternately, make your own candied petals by dipping them in egg white or brown rice syrup then dipping them into sanding sugar. Allow to dry on paper towels, then carefully arrange onto your desired dessert, such as this Paleo Superfood Fudge. You can also dry these blossoms and add them into your tea for a floral note.