Fit Tips: Holiday-Style

OK Real talk. The holidays are officially here, and so is nonstop easy access to chocolate, pumpkin desserts, warm sugary beverages and cozy indoor activities. I'm all for enjoying treats (I mean, have you seen my blog on Instagram feed??) but I'm also for daily fitness and healthy dessert options.

So, how do you sneak it all in when it's cold outside and the warm bed and hot chocolate are calling? Smart, strategic choices.

healthy hot chocolate

1. Holiday Shopping. Whether you hate shopping or not, the mall (before hours is the time to go!) is a great place to speed walk and get that cardio in when you're stir-crazy at home, and especially if you have kids that enjoy the stroller. My tip: get to the mall an hour before it opens, speed walk until the kids get cranky and sip an almond milk latte or hot tea while they play in the kids area (most malls have one). Make your brisk exit when the crowds start coming in and if you have a store to visit/gift to pickup, be there right when it opens and get in and out. Done. Shopping and fitness in one go!

Speaking of shopping, holiday shopping is made easy with Ebates: it's how I get money back on almost all online purchases, and especially fitness gear. This year, get deals from Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and even Lululemon with Ebates. They also have in-store deals if you do your shopping in person, so sign up asap to make money this year.

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2. Holiday Treats. I'm the queen of healthy treats (Okay, self-appointed). But for reals, scroll my blog for healthy desserts to bring to any gathering. That way you won't be tempted by mom's brownies when you have my brownies that are plant-based chocolately goodness or Chia Chip Cookies that are way more nourishing and energizing than those sugary traditional desserts.

Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

Have those tools on hand to set yourself up for success. Reach for vegetables and an easy spiralizer to replace pasta.

Reach for nonstick pans to cut down or omit oil. Use silpat mats for baking instead of greasing pans, and so on. Be smart!

3. Dress Right. As someone who lives in fitness clothes, this one is a no-brainer for me, and I recommend you give it a go. In this age of atheleisure it's so easy to find comfortable flattering and sweat-wicking clothes that you can sweat in AND party in. Squeeze in brisk walks at every opportunity, and take breaks at work for 5 minute standing workouts like my favorite quick standing ab workout here:

Leggings like these are flatting, comfortable and can be paired with long sweaters to be fashionable and move easy. This way there's no excuses for not getting in at least a little exercise every day!

Some of my other favorites include the sleek Hair Tie Bracelet and a sports bra that doesn't look or feel like a sports bra.

4. Peer Pressure. Set goals with friends or family like a road race or sprint triathlon. Or sign up for a full marathon: the Eugene Marathon is my goal race this year, and I know I have to stay on track to both finish the race and finish it well! You can use my race code of EMAMBMM18 to get a discount on your race entry. Come run with me, or run with your family and hold each other accountable all holiday season. Sure, indulge in a little eggnog but don't forget that training run the next day!

run with friends eugene marathon discount code EMAMBMM18

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