International Day Of....CHIA!

Every day seems to be an obscure national day of something, but today may be one of the best. #InternationalChiaDay is March 23rd and I suggest you celebrate by A) stocking up on my favorite white chia seeds and B) mixing one of my fave vegan chia-packed recipes like these Chia Chip Cookies or these Zucchini Maple Brownies.

yummy vegan chia chocolate brownies

What else is coming up soon? Glad you asked! (or you know, didn't but are still reading...)

March 26th is National Spinach Day. Try these spinach-packed delicious healthy desserts: Paleo Spinach Brownies or Spinach Granola Bars.

April 3rd is National Chocolate Mousse Day: try this avocado chocolate mousse: it's rich and filling with the perfect texture.

vegan chocolate mousse

May 5th is National Pilates day and the 13th is National Bike to Work day, so hop on that bike! (Or you know, walk or run). May 19th is National Learn to Swim Day. If you're a beginner to pool workouts, check out this post here; it's great for cross-training!

beginner swimming workout guide

May 31st is National Macaroon Day; I suggest you check out my vegan and paleo luscious easy macaroon recipe!

June 6th is National Running Day! My marathon will be over by then so hopefully I'll just be celebrating with a relaxed run with the girls in the stroller or perhaps a longer solo forest run. The options are endless!

Interested in training for a marathon? National Running Day would be the perfect time ;)

Check out the beginner marathon running plan I followed HERE.

beginner 12 week marathon training plan

June 21 is National Yoga Day! Why not make it extra special and find a Goat Yoga class?? (Yes, that's a thing)

Goat Yoga in Boulder, CO

Also, there's so many crazy specific days...but no barre day, so from now on, July 21st will be National Barre Day– you heard it here first, friends! Head to a barre studio, do a barre DVD workout like this good one for under $9, or do an easy home barre workout like this one, which has the best title ever and is only about 10 minutes.

Look Good Naked Barre Workout:

Have fun celebrating these "holidays"...I know I will!


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