Where to Find the Best Workout Clothes

First, what do I mean by best? I'm going by my own made-up combination of style, quality and price. Yes, I prefer the clothes to be made in the US and at least not in a sweatshop, but a caveat: I have not researched these companies in depth beyond what their websites promise. All I know is, I own pieces that I LOVE from these brands.

My criteria is that the clothing must still look new, or at least great, after a couple years of regular wear. They also must be comfortable for sweating in and quick to dry, and must look great on my body while running, dancing, jumping frantically in a HIIT class or any other workout I fancy. Bonus points if the company has fantastic customer service too.

1. Teeki: Teeki's pants are made from recycled materials like water bottles, which is genius. They are suuuper soft and have a nice thin wide flat waistband. Great for any workout though I wear them most often for yoga. Ones like these Stars n' Stripes print are perfect for July 4th! Why not make your yoga practice patriotic?

teeki deer forest yoga tights

2. Splits59: like Lulu, this price point is steep, but again, super comfy and quality materials mean they look great for years. I love the trendy styles and fit on athletic frames, too. Their tank tops and shirts are especially great and fit well.