Best Breakfast Cookies & Baby Gifts

Whether it's you or a preggo friend, you know I'm a fan of fun fitness gifts to get you back to that pre-baby body, or at least rev up those endorphins after birth. Even before you or your pregnant buddy is cleared to workout, they will apprciate gifts that get the blood moving. It's amazing how much a simple walk around the block helps in those first few days of adjusting to life as a new parent, not to mention recovering from the actual birth. It's true what they say: having a baby is exhausting, and new parents need all the sleep AND energy boosts they can get.

Though I listed some great New Mom Musts (along with that phenomenal paleo pop-tart recipe) several posts back, this list is a more complete mom-approved assortment of gifts that should be at the top of every holiday gift list for new parents. I know, I know, it's not even October, but just as with every year, the holidays are going to sneak up on you! (It cannot be just me that's frantically wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, right?).

Not only do babies love them, parents will too: from getting fresh air and exercise with the help of the Weego Baby Carrier to my Best-Ever Breakfast Cookies (recipe below), these ideas will have you in first place for best spouse or best friend forever.

1. Hiking Carrier. Ideal for 6 months to 4 years, and it's perfect for day hikes, nature jaunts and more. Plus they can sit or stand, it's only about 5 pounds and the pockets mean no extra diapers bags or baby items to tote with you. For the adventurous parent, this lightweight supportive Baby Pack is a must!

best affordable lightweight baby pack hiking

2. Best Baby Carrier. Get some fresh air for you and the wee ones, get a little exercise and bond with baby (or both babies, heyyy fellow twin mama!) all at the same time. The Weego Baby Carrier double-pouch system is unique and the safest possible option for baby: it keeps their hips in the ideal "M" position and allows for a safe and comfy position for you and your newborn(s). My code of 12200 gets $10 off ay carrier. Trust me, they are priceless, especially for parents of twins (two free hands! I repeat: you'll have free hands for once!!)

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