AIP-friendly Banana Bites

Frozen banana bites on a hot day are the BEST. If you don't trust me, then I dare you to try this deliciousness. One banana goes fast when filled with allergen-free "nut butter," topped with nondairy chocolate or carob drizzle and frozen. Just plan on not sharing, so while you're at it, pull out two bananas and thank me later.

AIP Banana Dessert


Tigernut Watermelon Butter (recipe below) or almond butter if you can eat that!

1 banana (or more)

Coating: melted nondairy soy-free chocolate OR for the AIP version: toasted carob powder whisked with melted coconut oil and warmed maple syrup


1. Slice banana(s)!

2. Make little banana "sandwiches" with the "nut butter" in between.

3. Drizzle carob or chocolate and freeze 30+ minutes.

4. Savor! Store any leftovers in a freezer tray like this one to keep out the freezer-burn and enjoy whenever you want (It works for baby purees and adult frozen treats or mini popsicles!)

sale ice cube tray with lid baby puree

5. Note: I highly recommend after a long hot run. Drink water, then nibble at these delicious treats to refuel and sneak in some much-needed protein and nutrients.

Running in the trail: AIP workouts

Confused about your chocolate powder options? Let me clear it up for ya!

COCOA: the easiest to find and most common in recipe: it's low in calories, high in fiber and studies suggest it helps with your thinking and cognitive abilities. Proven scientific studies such as this one from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that intake of unsweetened cocoa reduces blood pressure, improves blood flow, fight cell damage and prevent blood clots. Use this brand of cocoa powder that is organic and alkalized, making it more flavorful and less acidic.

CAROB: This is a chocolate substitute that still contains many health benefits. Those who are extremely sensitive to stimulates like caffeine, or are on an autoimmune protocol diet, will benefit from using carob in place of cocoa or cacao. Carob doesn't contain the healthy flavanols, though. If you are fine consuming cocoa/cacao, select those for more of the true chocolate taste and health benefits. Carob is a great substitution but not quite the real thing. Use this brand of carob powder as there are no fillers like soy, sugar or gluten, and the nice toasted flavor is a great baking addition over plain old blah carob.

CACAO: See cocoa benefits above, then bump up those antioxidants by about 4 times. Cacao contains unique phytonutrients, which are, a fantastic thing. It's raw, not processed as cocoa powder is (plus, often cocoa has added sugar). More nutrients from the whole cocoa bean is intact in cacao, so it provides even more nutrition (like more fiber, iron, magnesium and other fabulous nutrients with scientifically proven benefits) and flavor. Use this brand of cacao powder that is raw and organic and super flavorful.

frozen banana bites Paleo dessert

easy paleo banana recipe

skinny clean eating dessert

Tigernut Watermelon Butter Recipe

1 bag Go Raw Watermelon seeds

1-1/3 cup Tigernut Flour

1/4 cup organic coconut oil, soft but not melted <--- Best deal I have found online!

(no salt needed if using the seeds above, they have a little organic sea salt already added)


Food-process unless creamy, scraping down the sides as needed. Optionally, melt a little of the oil and drizzle in, adding extra if needed for the desired creamy texture to be reached.

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