If you know me at all, you know I love free stuff. Especially delicious, plant-based protein free stuff (specific, I know). I've received many a free vegan product to test out, but Zing bars, specifically the best-ever-flavor Chocolate Mint, are perhaps the greatest treat of all.

I've tried to recreate these bars in my kitchen numerous times, but darn it, these guys know what they are doing. Each bar contains 10g of protein (or more) and good fats and carbs. Super helpful for tracking macros, or just being aware of the nutrition going into that hot bod. (So many of these types of protein bars are loaded with sugar or chemical-tasting artificial sugar, so it's so fantastic to find one that's not). Plus, they are soy-free which is a rarity in vegan gluten-free bars (HURRAH!)

Little forest-going toddlers (and runner moms) love these too. Some of the options like the oatmeal flavor don't have that glorious chocolate coating, so those are the ones I usually give the toddlers. But as for me, give me a chocolate-coated protein bar that doesn't hurt my tummy or give me a sugar high, and I'm in heaven.

forest fairies enjoying a treat

NOW for the GIVEAWAY. Enter to win a free prize package of Zing bars by following @zingbars and @runninggirlhealth and commenting on my giveaway post (hint: look for the Zing bar images!)

Okay, friends. Time to get entering. If you can't wait, check out this deal on a 12 pack HERE.

Whenever I'm on a long trail run, or heading out with my toddlers, there's a few of these in our bag and trust me when I say they are amaZING!

best vegan energy bar

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