5 Exercises for Toned Summer Legs

Whether you opt to wear a bikini or not, swimsuit season is upon us. With these five exercises, you can't go wrong. Tone and sculpt your legs into the strongest yet just in time to hit the beach, pool or that favorite running trail. I'm not a fan of trying to look good just for a bikini, but I AM a fan of looking good for your own strong confident self.

beach running

Exercise 1: Stairs. Find a stadium, bleachers or just your house's staircase and sprint up, walk down and repeat several times. Gradually reduce your rest time, and increase the frequency.

stair workout

Exercise 2: Push-Ups with mountain climbers. Drive knees in across your chest, towards opposite elbows. If you have wrist issues, come down to your elbows (as pictured) and drive your knees out to the side, up toward your shoulders. Repeat 15 times on each side, for 2-4 sets.

Exercise 3: Lunges. Keep your knee in alignment over your ankle as you lunge to the front. Stand up, sink back down. Repeat 20 times, switch sides and repeat set 2-4 times.

Exercise 4: Calf raises. Straighten legs and lift heels up and down. Advanced: stand on a stair to do it for even more range of motion. Do this 15 times, for 3 to 4 sets.

Exercise 5: Tuck Jumps. Sorry these suck, and sorry you'll feel like you're doing a weird cheer jump, but they are super effective. Jump up, bringing your knees to your chest. Do as many as you can for 30 seconds, and repeat for 3 sets.

jumping workout

Do these moves consistently and you WILL see results, even in a week or so. (I did these and variations of these for three weeks and the definition in my legs was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself).

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