The Science Behind Why Having Your Hair Played With Feels Amazing

Okay, fine, I admit it. I regularly hand the girls my hairbrush and ask them to brush my hair. They are two year old twins, so asking them to braid it usually turns it into knots, but I'll take the little tugs and hair pats any day because it feels amazing.

Especially when the littles are sick or hurt, they too seem especially soothed when I run my hands through their fine baby hair. Why is this? Why am I also soothed and happy when my hair is being tousled, braided, and brushed? Science. Science is why.

long strong healthy fast growing hair "play with my hair"

According to research, since humans are social beings and thereby wired to enjoy physical intimacy, the sensation of hair touch is a pleasurable and often bonding experience. When humans are touched, it elicits a mood-boosting release of neurochemicals like oxytocin (the "feel-good" hormone). Cortisol levels (The "stress hormone") are also reduced, and healthy cortisol levels "reduce inflammation, help with healing, prevent fatigue, help with cognitive processes (1)" and much more.

How exactly are these neurochemicals released? PubMed Health explains that basically neurons detect tiny movements, and once they are stimulated (as in when your hair is played with–ahh, the bliss) the neuron sends a sensory message to the brain. This message is what causes feel-good chemicals like oxytocin to be released. (2)

OK so, playing with your hair feels good. Having your hair played with feels better. So how can I get healthy, silky long hair, you ask?

Play With My Hair best healthy hair supplements

Here's a novel idea: nourish your hair and grow it strong with hair vitamins. I know, hair vitamins initially seems odd, but bear with me here. We take vitamins for our skin, our bones; why not our hair?

The best hair vitamins out there contain Vitamin B6, Biotin (Vitamin B7) and green tea and the brand Play With My Hair covers all three–and much more.

Vitamin B6 is the ideal hair, skin and nails vitamin as it promotes development and maintenance of healthy hair and skin. (3) Biotin has also proven to be essential in maintaining optimal hair, nail, and skin strength as well. (4) Green tea is delicious as a hot drink and may boost your metabolism (hurrah!) but did you know it also helps your luxurious mane? Green tea contains B vitamins and also the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (also known as "EGCG") and science has found that this antioxidant stimulates hair growth. (5)

green tea for health

These ingredients plus all the others in these hair supplements garner faster hair growth, strengthens your nails and gets you silky soft, strong hair. In short, it's the best hair vitamin I've discovered, and I have both researched and taken a lot of vitamins and supplements.

long healthy red hair

In short, playing with your hair feels good, relaxes you, releases good hormones and may even improve your sleep, digestion and overall health. Keep your hair healthy and strong with the best vitamins for hair growth. I certainly do, and since my twins love my "princess mommy hair", luckily it's easy to simply tell them to come "play with my hair!"






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