Plant-Based Treats by Maiah

Good morning! Running Girl Health is now Plant-Based Treats by Maiah. Don't worry, you'll be getting all the same yummy healthy dessert recipes and occasional plant-based meal recipes, along with health and fitness posts. As you may have noticed, running is not my primary focus (though I still LOVE it, and will continue to run as long as my body allows), nor do I feel necessarily like "girl" is my favorite description of the confident person/mama bear/renaissance woman I believe I have become in my thirties. Since becoming a mother, runs on a whim, and long weekend days of runs have taken a backseat, and have to be planned (and canceled at a moments' notice) and honestly, that is okay with me.

I want to emphasize my true love of creating healthy, nourishing desserts. And yes I am still a runner (and dancer and yogi), but let's be honest, you're here for the treats. So keep on running, swimming, dancing, walking: whatever movement you love and I'll continue to offer you my fitness advice, fit and race discounts and giveaways, but I'm going to be especially devoting many of my posts to new and creative healthy treats because life is too short to not enjoy a delicious energizing treat by yours truly.



P.S. I want requests! Follow me on Instagram @plantbasedtreatsbymaiah, or tag #plantbasedmaiah with your recipe requests. Want a healthy brownie made with bananas? Want a no sugar cookie recipe? Let me know and I'll invent it for you!

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