Top 10 Vegan Bars on The Go + Giveaway!

We all know making your own food from fresh ingredients is best, but there are times when you're in a hurry, at work or on the go and you need a snack or meal to tide you over. I'm here to give you a cheat sheet i.e. list of yummy, nourishing energy bars that are perfect for that time when you're in a rush, on the go, or say, in charge of small children that will not let you prepare a meal without holding onto your legs and wailing (It happens.)

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These are all gluten-free vegan bars without soy, corn or peanuts. They are my personal favorites that are delicious and energizing! Yes, I prefer to make my own vegan gluten-free energy bars, but in a pinch, my go-to snack is one of these bars.

Muesli Bars by Running Girl Health

1. No Cow Bars: These are a new find for me, and I love the couple of flavors I've tried. It's one of my go-to vegan gluten-free bars for my gym bag!

2. Go Macro: I've always liked these these though they aren't as filling as some of the other options below, but I enjoy the mild taste and texture. It's not overly sweet and it's light on your digestion. Some of the protein options have higher protein, while other Go Macro flavors just make a good snack.

2. Square Bars: These have always been my fave, I love the company and the chocolate mint flavor is killer. They are like a candy bar, no joke, but with low sugar and lots of plant-based protein. They have new cashew crisp bar that my toddlers LOVE too.

4. Lara Bars Superfoods Edition: I like this one when I want something savory rather than chocolatey or too sweet. It's not protein-packed but it's a good on the go snack when you need a little energy boost, plus ingredients like turmeric as always a good addition!

5. Zing Bars: I adore the chocolate mint flavor. They've revamped them to reduce the amount of sugar, so it's even healthier. The chocolate coating tastes super decadent but it's only 9g of sugar in a bar with 10g of vegan protein.

6. Orgain Organic Protein Bars are hard to find, so I get them from Amazon usually. I love them and the girls do too; they are low in sugar and high in protein. I love the Orgain protein powders so it's no surprise their bars are delicious, too.

7, Garden Of Life Vegan Fit Bars: These meal replacement bars are void of soy, gluten and other yuckiness but taste delicious, and pack in 14g of protein with only 200 calories and minimal sugar. Win!

8. Bhu Fit Bars: I've never seen these in grocery stores, but they are on various online grocery stores like Vitacost. They are pea protein-based, organic and contain prebiotics, which is always a win.

9. Shanti Bar: Another hard-to-find bar, but yummy and organic and contains "superfoods" and nutrient-rich ingredients like maca. 10g of protein and 10g of sugar, which is only from dates and no added sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

10. TIU MIni Bars: Okay, these are called Bites, but they are really mini bars, and really delicious. At about 150 calories for three mini bars, it seems like you're being super decadent, but it's low sugar and 9 to 10g of protein, so a total win.

My Almond Butter Bars are a great option if you're home to make your own delicious vegan treat!

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Good luck and happy snacking!


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