Winter Running Survival Guide

I left the house to jog before the husband and babies (and in-laws) woke up for a little exercise and "me" time this morning. I did a quick u-turn before the end of the block though, to put on another coat and warmer hat, because though it was 10 degrees out, it felt like 0. Or -1. What I'm saying it was actually painfully cold, so those of you running this winter, this post is for you.

cold weather running layers chart

Let's talk layers. The chart above (from Shape Magazine) will save you, I swear. And when it's super cold, keep those heads and hands warm. (I can run in shorts as long as I have warm hands and a covered head). For a comfortable run in chilly weather, here are my top picks to keep from

freezing or a painful numb face.

running face warmer balaclava

1. The "ninja" face warmer. Yep, looks silly but keeps your ears and nose from falling off with painful cold. Seriously this is a lifesaver, and then you can whip it out at Halloween for your ninja costume! (Yes this is me. Working in retail had its screwing around at work during slow times. You can tell I took my job seriously).

2. Fleece Lined Running/Cycling Tights. Fleece-lined is magical in cold weather, trust! These wick away sweat an keep you cozy, and they are less than $40 with free shipping.

fleece lined running tights for cold weather

3. Reflective running vest. It will only block wind a little, but this is for safety. It's adjustable to wear it over any coat or jacket. After you're bundled up, put this on to stand out in snow or the dark. Especially in icy weather, if you're outside you need to be seen!

best reflective running gear

4. Winter Thermal Running Gloves. Super warm, touch-screen and the ideal running or cycling gloves for toasty hands!

thermal touch screen running gloves

5. Thermal Fleece Half-Zip. Not only is it cozy, it has pockets. (Pockets are ideal for phones and snacks. Snack pockets=bliss). Layer up and stay cozy on your cold winter runs. Whether you're heading out to do 2 miles or 20, you'll be glad you have these cozy options!

warm thermal fleece half-zip

Lastly, refuel and replenish! Get yourself a toasty hot chocolate or latte, but sneak in some vegan protein powder for extra nourishment and yumminess!

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