Marathon Training (with twins!)

Marathon training is daunting enough. Adding twin toddlers to the mix can sometimes mean chaos: skipped runs to deal with baby tantrums or colds, mom-guilt leaving the twinnies for a couple hours for those long weekend runs and the added weight of a double stroller.

twin toddlers in running stroller

Whether or not you have twins, babies, or just every day obligations, finding training time can be tricky. For my long runs, I rely on my husband to watch the girls, or a gym daycare. For short runs and cross-training though, I've found ways to incorporate my twins into my training.

For 3 or 4 miles runs, I can usually convince them to stay in the stroller with snacks and favorite toys. (I just have to be on the lookout for a flung stuffed animal or toy. Out and back runs work best for this strategy of recovering any lost toddler toys).

If I'm doing an at-home workout of ballet, yoga, barre, HIIT, etc., I have an easy way to add weight-lifting by picking up the toddlers. Any way I can add dancing, lifting them up and down, adding jumps and giggles, I do, and it benefits us all.

How do you keep your kid(s) happy in the stroller? I've found the most success with my Run Hard Bars (yummy for both me and the girls!), dried papaya and homemade Vegan Chia Cookies. I know to pack along their favorite snacks to keep them happy and the good thing about the stroller is that it can hold water, snacks and everything you could need or want on a long run.

My training plan is three runs a week. Less than I'd like, but still feasible. I may not be getting in as many long runs as I'd like, but you can be sure my cross-training is on point with toddlers in tow!

How do you fit in training and what motivates you? I know if I say "Let's go for a run!" Or "Let's go outside!" that the girls will immediately run for their shoes, so I'm committed to it. If you don't have little ones eager to get outside though, I recommend finding inspiration in a yummy post-run treat waiting for you upon return like these Pumpkin Brookies (seriously, give them a try but be warned, they are irresistible!), or do an online workout that is fun and fits in cardio like this Popsugar Cardio Dance workout.

Whatever strategy works for you, keep it up and keep an eye on that finish line which for me is the Eugene Marathon!

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