Vegan Chia Cookies

Do you have picky toddlers too? I feel ya. Offering them an array of fruits and veg on the reg is important, but so is making sure they gets a lot of fat and other nutrients and protein. One of the sneakiest ways I pack in the fat and protein is with healthy cookies. My girls love cookies, especially when a book we're reading mentions cookies. Then they sign for more, and say "cookie" and "more cookie" until I offer them a cookie.

more cookies please!

Cookies don't have to be a "bad" food though, as they are often labeled. Most of my recipes are a great option for healthy cookies, but this one is especially loved by my toddlers, and contains healthy, nourishing ingredients. Before bed and teeth brushing, they get the occasional cookies and milk as we read our stack of books, so I prefer to offer them ones that I make myself that contain no to low sugar and are full of filling ingredients. These have worked like a charm so far to keep the littles ones (and me) nourished and happy.

Talk about making bedtime fun!