7 Best Studio + Gym Necessities

I've linked to my fave gym necessities in this post; if you shop through the link you get the best Amazon prices and my blog gets a tiny boost...so more fab content for you, and I can afford that organic lucuma for my superfood cookie recipe I've been trying ;)

It's true; studio classes and gym memberships can get pricey. So be sure to love the location and classes offered and brush up on What to Look For in a Gym! That said, once you buy a package or membership, set yourself up for success. Here are my 7 items that complete any gym kit. If you've already spent the money, it's not much of a stretch to get a few more accessories that will really help you get your money's worth and up your fitness-game. Here are my top picks!

working out in the gym like a boss

Also, these make great gifts for any other fitness/health lovers in your life or gym buddies!

1. The most important: a lock! I have had things lifted from unlocked lockers at both a boutique yoga studio and a huge gym. It's worth the price to always keep your belongings secure, and I love this lock as it is easy to see what locker is yours (it's aways embarrassing to have to try several identical cheap combo locks...), my fave color and it's a great deal!

Best Green Gym Lock

2. A resistance band. This is my fave set of three (light, med and heavy) for resistance work and stretching. Flexibility is a key part of health. For more on the importance of flexibility and how to get more flexible (and maybe achieve splits!) click here for Flexibility and Fitness.

Gym Studio fitness bands

3. Shower flip flops. For real, don't mess with Planter's Warts. I had those on my foot as a kid while on a swim team and it was pretty yuck-yuck, as my 20 month old twins would say. Just say no to shower yucks and warts! These are comfy, antimicrobial and dry fast and lightweight, so it takes up very little space in your bag. I pop them in the gym's swimsuit bags, and take them out at home to fully dry before they go back into my bag.

4. Natural anti-bac spray. Wipe or spritz down your shower sandals, and anything else that you set on the surfaces in a public changing room (your toiletries, water bottle, etc).

all natural sanitizing spray

5. Lotion. After washing your hands or showering, use lotion within a couple minutes to lock in the moisture. Gyms almost never have organic or paraben-free products, so load up on your own natural stuff. This one is super moisturizing and the top closes into a spill-proof lotion bottle, not the pump kind (do NOT put a pump bottle lotion in your bag...only a dummy would do that right? hehe oops).

organic body lotion

6. Fast-dry towel. If you've ever taken a hot spin class, you know why. Keep that sweat off yo face! Also in a pinch you can use it after a shower if you're tight on space or forgot your full size towel at home. This anti-odor bamboo one is divine!

fast dry anti odor towel

7. And now, you need something to put it all in, like a...gym bag! This is my fave because it's durable, has a separate shoe pocket. I also use this one as a diaper bag because of the cute factor, and tons of pockets. Now you're all set to dominate that barre class or spin class or regular old gym sesh. Enjoy, and get that sweat on!

floral gym bag diaper bag
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