How to Be Confident in ANY Workout Class

Maybe you'd like to try out a new boutique barre studio or gym boxing class but the unknown is daunting: what do I wear? What if the class is really hard? What if I'm singled out? These questions might be holding you back from starting a fitness regime or trying out a new class, so I'm here to tell you how to confidently walk into your class and know what to expect. Working out is hard enough without that new-person-in-class feeling!

1. The easiest/most fun route is to go with friend who has been before. That way they can tell you about the instructor, what the class is like, and what to wear and where to unfurl your mat or what bike to grab, etc.

2. Google what the class is about. You'll be able to find out what style of workout it is, what equipment to use, and maybe even what workout clothes and shoes you should wear. Also, YouTube it; you can watch exactly what moves or exercises you'll do, and maybe even practice in front of a mirror. Plus again you'll know what to wear, especially if it is a chain like barre3 or PiYo and you can see exactly how the teachers and students are dressed.

3. Look on the studio or gym's website: the more you know (instructor's name and what they look like), the more comfortable you'll be. You may even get images of the locker room and the studio and it will feel familiar the moment you walk in if you scope it out beforehand.

4. Introduce yourself before class to the teacher and explain you're new. Instructors love this--seriously! (As an instructor myself; if I know what injuries you have I can help you modify, and if you're new, I'll be sure to explain more complicated concepts to you, and if I know your name, I can address you directly and personally; everyone loves to be complimented in class when they are rocking a move or exercise!) Introduce yourself with a smile, and you'll be the teacher's new fave student.

5. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, wear comfortable, flattering and functional workout clothes. There is nothing as terrible as constantly pulling up a strappy top that you didn't realize could not handle burpees or realizing mid-downward facing dog that your pants are in fact, sheer. (If I had a dollar for every time I walked around the studio while teaching and had to avert my eyes from several clearly visible thongs...) While some yoga pants cost $98 like the company's I used to work for (Lululemon) some brands like Senita Athletics, have just as quality yoga or run pants for a fraction of that cost. I love Senita because their clothes are super cute and comfortable and have tons of functional features and mostly, because it is owned by sisters(!) and are very affordable. We need more woman-owned companies, amiright? Also, as someone who has had plantar's warts in the past from gym showers–eep!–ALWAYS wear grippy socks if it's a barefoot workout or arch support flip-flops if you're showering!

These pants, tho! I love the rose print, can you tell?

Senita coupon code RGH

I found out by YouTubing a certain adult ballet class that it was cool to wear (almost) whatever I wanted. Black halter leotard, booty shorts and black tights, it is! I strolled in confident and well dressed to rock this ballet class. I'm obsessed with this leotard; it is flattering and great for ballet, barre or even as a bodysuit with a nice outfit out and about.

what to wear to adult ballet class
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