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I know how rough those days/weeks/months/years?? after babies can be. You're sleep deprived, your schedule and independence are out the window, and your world now revolves around those tiny babies. Gone are the crack-of-dawn beach runs (okay, so I no longer live by the beach, so that'd be out anyway), but I used to run whenever I wanted. Not to mention I would wake up after a solid blissful eight hours of slumber.

These days, my sleep is interrupted, my energy levels are often lower, and yet I am happier than ever. On the days (pretty much every day) I get workouts in with the twins, I feel reenergized, and with several months of eating right and moving with the girls daily, I felt comfortable and yes, attractive again in my body, despite the post-motherhood changes. When I had my husband or neighbors watch the girls so I could run alone, that was great, but quite honestly, guilt plagued me every minute I was apart from my tiny twins especially in the first few months.

That's where the Weego Twin carrier came in for me.

Now that the twins are over a year, I run and walk with them in their running stroller. I do miss those days though, when both babies were attached to my chest, leaving my hands free to hold dog leashes, tote groceries, cuddle my sweet babies, hold an iced latte, or, as I often did, typed on my computer as they napped. I recommend the Weego to anyone with one baby or two, and if you use code 12200, you'll receive $10 off any carrier (hurrah!) They are super high-quality and position the baby (or two) in the ideal supportive position for them to snuggle up to you like sweet little monkeys (can you tell I'm nostalgic?)

What workouts can you do with a high quality baby carrier? Glad you asked! Here are my faves:

-Hiking on easy trails

-Walking the beach (I did this daily)

-Getting coffee with friends (ditto! How else would I have survived those two-hour sleep nights?)

-lunges and squats

-Mommy & Me barre classes!

The best other (necessary) new mom easy tools for fitness and recovery:

-Exercise Bands to work arms and legs (and do quiet, no-impact exercises while babies are napping)

-Postpartum Waist Trainer or Band: holds your core in while you're healing AND provides back support. I paired this with the Weego Baby Carrier for long walks for extra comfort and support.

-The BOSU ball: for working balance and ankle flexibility and core. I would wear the babies in the Weego AND balance on this (at the counter for safety). This helped me to get ready for ballet and pointe again

-High-waisted compression tights to hold everything in as it heals and for support

barre class with babies

Why are Weego Baby Carriers the best?

the best baby carrier for twins

For your mental and physical sanity, I highly recommend getting out and about with your babies (or baby). Feeling like your normal adult self will help you be present for your child/children and restore the energy and endorphins your body needs. Getting exercise and movement kept me sane and lifted my spirits every single day. Good luck new mamas; and if you know a pregnant mama (especially one with twins!) share this post, or better yet, surprise them with a Weego Baby Carrier. They will also fall in love with it!

New moms: are you just getting back into postpartum fitness? Feel free to contact me; I'm happy to put together a healthy eating and fitness plan for you to bounce back after baby.

Disclosure: I am compensated by Weego and LOVE their products, so of course I would recommend them. They are fantastic!

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