New Mom Musts & A Paleo Pop Tart

paleo vegan healthy pop-tart

Now that I'm in my thirties (ok, eight months in), friends and acquaintances are seemingly having babies left and right. I thought I'd throw together a list of what I LOVED having to rebound from having my preemie twins and gradually gain my fit self back (and sanity, ha!) If you're an active mom, or know an active mom, keep reading. These gifts will delight any sporty mom-to-be or new mum. Forget about showing up with baby socks (they are useless anyway), show up with one of these presents and a box of eco-friendly gentle diapers, and you'll be a star!

Also, forget that chocolate bar; whip up some vegan gluten-free paleo Pop-Tarts to gift for a busy mom's snack or breakfast. New moms have the added burden of either staying fueled to produce breast milk or if they aren't breastfeeding, adjusting to no longer being able to eat midnight snacks, endless bowls of cereal and maple-sweetened oatmeal (my go-to for 8 months). Either way, a nutritious and delicious treat will be welcomed rather than simple processed snacks (when I was pumping milk I inhaled endless applesauce packets and vegan protein bars; what I would have given for a delicious healthy homemade treat!) Keep scrolling for the BEST, HEALTHIEST POP-TART RECIPE EVER. No joke!

Grippy Socks:

pink lacy barre socks

These lacy pink stylish grip socks are fab for any barre, yoga or Pilates workout but more importantly, to wear while carrying your baby on stairs. Bare feet or grippy socks indoors is waaay safer than slippers or regular socks. On carpeted or wood stairs, you will feel more secure with a wriggling baby (or two) in your arms, trust me. Luckily the one time I went flying down the stairs and hit the baby gate and strained my ankle, I was not carrying a baby; but since then slippers or socks with traction were an absolute necessity. Plus, during cold months, these luscious tall cozy socks with grip are key.

The Weego:

Best Twin Baby Carrier

Weego Twin Carrier

I can't say enough good about their quality comfortable baby carriers at (The owner is phenomenal, and their customer service and quality level is top-notch! They are from Germany and suuuper quality). I covered many miles wearing my twins in the carrier, and the attached straps to hold pacifiers was genius. I was very sad when the girls became too heavy for it! They come in Single (Original), Preemie or Twin (which also works for preemie twins, as mine were). You can receive $10 off for a limited time with code 12200 for the Twin Weego. Seriously though, tell every pregnant mom and new mom (especially twin mom) you know! I wish I had invented this carrier, can you tell??

Resistance Band:

bunheads resistance band

You can use this to work your legs or arms, even while on the floor or watching TV in those moments the baby is asleep and you want to be productive but are dead-tired. It also works great for flexibility. I bought so many different ones, and this Bunhead one is the best and highest quality I could find. I like this one too which is great especially for splits but the Bunhead open one that you can tie is way more versatile. It helps strengthen feet and ankles too which is vital after pregnancy; new moms' feet and arches change dramatically during and after pregnancy! (Another fun thing nobody tells you about!) Strengthening my arches after having the girls with the band help my feet from expanding to a bigger size shoe (most new moms I know now wear 1/2 to 2 whole sizes bigger after baby! (!) I want to keep wearing all my favorite shoes, thankyouverymuch.

Fitness DVDs:

at home ballet fitness DVD

Here are some of my faves (especially this one) even if you only fit in 10 min at a time during naps. Before you are cleared for high-impact activities like running, begin gently easing back into movement with no to low impact workouts (barre then ballet are great safe workouts! Check out my article Is Ballet For You?)

best barre dvd

Apple Watch:

rose gold apple watch on sale

This was my favorite gift of all time, especially as a new mom, as even before I could workout after birth I could set and achieve stand goals or movement goals. I loved seeing my progression back to health, even when it started with simply making sure I stood up every hour. Plus it's super helpful to answer phone calls when your arms are full or your hands have baby poo on them. Speaking of poo, one baby shot poop all over my watch and it cleaned up fine; liquids and gross things can easily be cleaned off of it: SO GREAT because new mom life is all about messes....especially milk, spit up and poop. Fun times, I know! And now, it comes in rose gold. 'Nuff Said.

AND NOW: THE POP-TART RECIPE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Nope, I'm not being overly dramatic, it's that good.

easy healthy pop-tart


My AIP Paleo Sugar Cookie Recipe: (It consists of white sweet potato, coconut flour, arrowroot flour, coconut oil, vanilla and maple and sprinkle of salt: easy as pie! Or a pop-tart. Easy as a pop-tart).

Extra 2 or so TBSP water

1/4 cup pumpkin puree

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp maple syrup


1. Roll the dough between two sheets of wax paper until thin. Cut even sized rectangles out of the dough (you will get about 8-10 rectangles depending on size).

2. Whisk the pumpkin, maple and cinnamon in a small bowl. On half of the rectangles, spoon and spread the pumpkin mixture in the middle only of the rectangles.

3. Carefully (with a thin spatula or what I did: cut the wax paper, flip half the rectangles on top of the filling ones, and carefully peel back the paper). Take a fork and crimp the edges (see picture).

4. Bake at 350F for 10-14 minutes until lightly baked and set. Let cool slightly and take a bite of heaven.

Optional frosting: Mix arrowroot powder, a splash of maple and water or nondairy milk and drizzle on top (it will firm and set immediately).

paleo pop-tart recipe

vegan pop-tart AIP recipe

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