Healthy Zucchini Brownies

healthy brownies

I know, I know, another brownie recipe? (With veggies again, of course). These brownies are low in sugar, high in protein (and rich chocolate-y taste) and dangerously good and I prefer this recipe when I want a healthy but tasty snack, and a little nutrient and protein boost. I like to add a little almond butter drizzle on top for an extra little taste and pizazz.

They even make a wonderful pre-ballet or post-ballet nosh. Seriously, have one of these and dance around to let loose and feel beautiful inside and out! Eating treats on the reg is a must for me: it brings me joy! Part of that joy is knowing what I'm enjoying is also pretty healthy, and giving my body nutrients it needs. Not to mention the fun of creating something wonderful in the kitchen can really boost your mood!

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