Holiday Barre Guide

For many of us, holiday season is when we tend to slip a little in terms of our healthy eating and working out. And that's okay! Who doesn't love a little festive Christmas cookie party with family rather than a solo bowl of kale? And when you're home for the holidays, you're kinda obligated to hang out with Grams rather than hit up spin class. You have all year to fit in those workout goals and spirulina shakes. The holiday time is for friends, family, feeling thankful and relaxing with a glass of wine or vegan cookie dough dip like my Cookies n' Cream Cookie Dough (you're welcome).

That said, it's still easy to find a few minutes here and there to get in some tucking (tuck yeah!), plie-ing using the back of the couch as a barre, and building your ankle strength and flexibility with tools like this balancing disc. (Note: those balancing discs are great for both ankle sprain prevention and recovery, in my experience. I used to sprain my right ankle about once a year, and-knock on wood-I haven't had any issues or sprains since using balancing discs or