Mama-ing and Exercise

Some mornings the babies BOTH sleep in and it's heavenly. Those are the mornings I get a barre workout in or quietly and slowly jog around our house in socks. (Yes, once I logged a mile running indoors, and our rental house is not that big). I accomplished this by opening the doors, and running out front, through the house, into the backyard avoiding the wet grass, and around the couch, down the hall, and did this over and over. I probably could have gone longer but the dogs began to think I was playing a game and chasing them, and when they began to run after me, their nails were clicking on the floor so loud that I was afraid my husband would whip open the door and bellow "What is going on out there??" Plus it got very boring very fast.

The things a desperate runner will do for a little fix of cardio.

Anyways this morning I drank coffee, did PiYo and barre, and caught myself missing my babies. Do any other new moms do this? Think about how much you want to see your smiling babies' faces and think, "maybe I should wake them up!" I was walking to the nursery when I realized how crazy this was. I have precious quiet time to workout, or read or eat or write and I want to wake my babies up early?? Am I insane? Once I asked my husband if he misses them after they go to bed and he responded without hesitation "um no." So maybe this is a mom thing, or I am crazy.

I mean, how can I not miss these faces when they are sleeping and I'm awake??

If you're still in the early months after birth, maybe you will relate to some of this:

Crying after realizing your baby was sucking on an ant stuck in the tip of the bottle's nipple for about 10 minutes. I noticed she seemed to be sucking hard but the level of milk wasn't going down so I pulled the bottle out to see if it was clogged. It was. With an ant. I felt like the worst mom ever, and tears sprang to my eyes.

Wanting to show your husband the veggie-burger looking poop after the twins had broccoli and sweet potatoes then realizing wait, nobody wants to see that.

Wanting to talk about your babies and show people pictures all of the time. Then realize only your life revolves around these tiny beings, and like dreams, nobody else really wants to hear all the details.

Your husband/spouse comes home from work and you're angry when he/she offers to watch the babies because you are too tired, even though you want to workout or have alone time. But you're just too tired. And mad for no reason other than you wish you had energy. Irrationally, you wish they wanted to watch the girls at 6:30am, before his/her usual wakeup time and before their long work day.

Crying because you are either just tired, or hungry and one or both babies refuses to be put down. And you wish you could train your dog to make you a snack.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop (for now, ha). Anyways, if, like me, you need a little energy boost during the day, do these move with or without a baby in your arms.

1. Squats: Do 1-3 reps of 25 squats. Mix it up with full-range, pulsing, raising one heel, then the other. Maybe finish with a deep hold.

2. Modified or full jumping jacks to get the heart racing (this one should NOT be done holding a baby, duh).

3. Lunges, front and back, maybe with a releve of the front or back leg as you rise.

Done! Your blood will be pumping, and you might feel a big burst of energy. Repeat as needed!


Wearing a baby or two to do chores is also a pretty good workout...

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