Minty Kale Squarebar Cake

mint kale cake

Remember when I made that amazing raw cookie dough with kale and spirulina? No? Well, go back a post! It is ridiculously good and can be found HERE.

Also, did you know it can be used as a thick, tantalizing frosting? Well, clearly it can. And thus, the layer cake full of the vegan protein goodness of Chocolate Coated Mint Squarebars was born. Oh, and by the way you can enter "rungirl" at checkout to receive 20% off at, just for being my blog reader. I am not paid by them in any way, though I would happily be paid in Squarebars (hint hint). Nope, I'm just content indulging in what tastes like a decadent dessert but is actually a square of nutrition disguised as a candy bar. So anyways, back to the cake.

This is a great holiday, birthday, or suprise-your-spouse treat after a long day (you're welcome, Dave Miller). Here's the recipe: