10 Top Summer Hairstyles

You might be tempted to chop off your hair in the hot days of summer (been there, done that, regretted that) but hold on just a hot moment. These 10 hairstyles are relatively simple to pull off, whether it be for a pool party, outdoor training sesh or a sweaty outdoor concert.

top 10 summer hairstyles

1. Sided French Braid.

A simple side braid is perhaps one of the easiest styles of all, but add a little glam (and reduce flyaways) by starting up high from the crown of your head, pulling your hair over one shoulder as you braid to keep it to that side.

simple side braid for summer

Photo by Pete Bellis

2. Accessorized Ponytail.

A low ponytail instantly adds class, and accessorizing with a ribbon or oversized clip makes it way more fun (and simple) than a plain ol' rubber banded style. If you have longer wispy pieces that won't stay back in the ponytail, then simply curl them to loosely frame your face. Easy, glamorous and cool in the hot weather!

accessorized ponytail

Photo by Pete Bellis

3. Beachy Waves.

Forget the curling iron. Simply scrunch with a sea salt infused spray to add beachy texture and wave. Channel your inner surfer-chick with this simple strategy: wash and towel dry, then scrunch in sea salt spray and let air dry. Easy-Peasy low maintenance!

perfect beachy waves

Photo by Åsmund Gimre

4. Half-Up Banded Hairstyle

All you need is a handful of these ouchless clear hair bands, to quickly and stylishly fix your half-up hairdo into a cool banded ponytail style. Wear it half up, then fit as many little bands as you'd like down the ponytail, as pictured below.

banded stylish ponytail

Photo by Kimson Doan

5. Multi-Braided 'Do

Take sections at your crown and loosely braid. Repeat at your temple, and again lower at your nape if desired. Pin the loose braids back securing with pins or collect it all into a big clip. Use a bobby pin or pick to go back and loosen braids more for an even more casual 'do.

loose braided hairstyle

Photo by Abigail Keenan

6. Flipped Pony

Flip a loose ponytail from underneath by making a "hole" at the hair in the nape area, then pushing the whole ponytail up and through, making a sort of inside-out ponytail for extra body. Better, yet, add a (temporary) pop of color with veggie-based hair dye that washes out after 20 washes when you're tired of it.

ponytail with tons of volume

Photo by Godisable Jacob

7. Braided Headband

If you want to see a flawless example of this, google Tyra Banks. The beauty of this 'do though is that when it's slightly mussed, it's perfect for a hot summer day and you do not have to be supermodel to rock this style. Braid the hair at your temples into braids and crisscross it atop your head, securing with slip-proof bobby pins. Leave the rest down or pull back into a loose bun.

braided headband hairstyle

Photo by Maiah Miller

8. Three Low Buns

Forget that slicked-back no-hair look. A low row of three buns adds the illusion of volume and lends a creative flair. Use bun holders, pins or even wrap them in ribbon.

three bun hairstyle

Photo by Cate Holt

9. Swimming-Pool Style

The "wet look" is still a thing this summer, and no, it's not actually wet. Use vegan hair gel to keep hair smooth and soft, and keep the portion small to keep it from looking greasy. So easy, and so "summer"!

Hair gel style that's not greasy

Photo by Pixabay

10. Slick Bun

No matter your hair texture, if it's long and healthy enough, you can get a pretty solid bun. For those of us that cram in sweaty gym sessions before work, buns are a saving grace. Simply spritz on some organic dry shampoo and brush back or smooth back into a sleek bun. Secure with a bun holder or long bobby pins to keep those flyaways at bay, so you can focus on the board room.

sleek stylish bun

Photo by Christina Morillo

No matter what, keep those strands strong and healthy with these tried-and-true tips: use paraben-free, healthy styling products always, and nourish your body (and hair) with vegan hair, skin, nail vitamins that protect hair from styling and environmental damage from the inside out. These are especially vital during the months of excessive heat, sweat and chlorine. Keep your hair and bod strong and stylish this summer with these 10 easy hairstyles, and do tell: which style is YOUR favorite?

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